4 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Dead Rising 4

There’s something oddly satisfying about this “Zombie Horde” genre that has been emerging since 2006 with Dead Rising’s original release.There’s Dead Island ,Call of Duty Zombies, Sunset Overdrive and Resident Evil just to name a few, and while one of the former is another Capcom series, the Dead Rising franchise has proven that the company is not always heavily reliant on Street Fighter to make its money and ideas come to life, as the game has spawned two ,and soon to be three,sequels, and has even gotten a remaster that improve mechanics on its groundbreaking foundation.

The Return Of Frank and Wilamette

Dead Rising stars Frank West, a news reporter who is trying to get the scoop on the zombie outbreak. The camera Frank brought with him allowed him to take pictures of the Zombie outbreak and the residents of of the fictional Wilamette Mall in Colorado. By snapping the shot , he earned PP, which are used to increase skills,weapons, inventory space and receive Combo Cards,the blueprints needed to combine two weapons into one satisfying entity of carnage.It seems that the story is a parody of many classic zombie films such as George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead , where Frank may be the only “sane” character in the plot;in addition to Zombies, you will also encounter a cult, a Hispanic madman,a killer clown,government officials, and even the workers of the mall .

Now with Dead Rising 4 on the horizon, the series revisits Frank West, 16 years after the events in Dead Rising, with a new camera in hand to take selfies with as he takes on a new horde of Zombies for the Holiday season. One of the biggest things that makes Frank’s return great is that isn’t limited to the Majora’s Mask time limit of 72 hours to complete the game; He can roam free through the town and deliver the presents to zombies on what was once a silent night.

New Weapon Potential

In past games, there was a multitude of weapon combinations that players could create, from engine powered boxing gloves, to an armored truck with a machine gun on the roof. The setting for this game is a Christmas theme that has Frank West Deck the Halls of Wilamette Mall again, but sporting the combo weapon system present in Dead Rising 2 and 3, in addition to Dead Rising 3’s open world. This means that players can now have the possibility to combine a Christmas Tree with broken glass ornaments and lights to create a sharp electrical present for the undead holiday shoppers of Wilamette. This also means that players can also have the opportunity to explore the town of Wilamette as a whole , instead of passing over the town in a helicopter. It also has the potential to let the player fly a helicopter, or even Santa’s sleigh, to rain down explosive presents over the zombie horde.

Different Zombie Types

New to Dead Rising 4 are two new Zombie types to join the massive horde that the Dead Rising series. First is the Freshly Infected, which are humans who are becoming zombies right before the player’s eyes,and will move with frenzied attacks.It will be interesting how this plays out as players who fail to rescue characters may end up fighting minibosses of sorts if NPCs aren’t rescued in time. There’s also the Evo Zombies, which are probably the smartest zombies the player will encounter in the game, as they will act like a normal human who will hide, run, and leap out to attack players.This gameplay element will make it more difficult for players to fight if combine with any of the horde or Freshly Infected zombies.

Well Because It’s Dead Rising!

As stated before, there’s something oddly satisfying about the Zombie Horde genre,and Dead Rising is the epitome of this nirvana. Micheal Jones, Dead Rising 3’s director states that he “was not satisfied with the third game, mentioning that we wanted to make Dead Rising more interactive through the Xbox Kinect and Smartglass, such as when the player must escape zombie grapples. He also stated that due to the success of the multiplayer system in Dead Rising 3, the next installment could possibly include a four player multiplayer option. The development team further elaborated that such a feat would also be much more difficult than the typical two player co-op the series has been known for since Dead Rising 2, stating that nothing is set in stone.

The series became reminiscent of 90s Arcade beat em ups, or more recently akin to the Dynasty Warriors series, but with it’s different ways to slaughter the hordes, Dead Rising 4 will have the potential to become its own fun game.Without the time limit present, players can have an easy fun time from the point of turning on the game, but can explore it’s in depth mechanics and secrets if their curiosity leads them further into the game.

Dead Rising 4 jingles its way to the Xbox One on December 6, 2016. Are you excited for the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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