WWE 2K17 FAQ – How To Get New RAW & Smackdown Arena, Universal Title, Xavier Woods Trombone Easter Egg, Edit Promos, When Can I Buy The NXT Enhancement Pack? Super Ladder & More!

How To Turn Heel/Face, Call Out, And Break Up/Form Tag Teams In WWE Universe ModeĀ 

To turn heel or face in WWE Universe Mode, you will need to edit the show and use one of the four spaces for a promo on your show to add a promo. Once you’ve added a promo you will get an option of which promo you would like to be cut and who is cutting it.

How To Get Easy & Quick VC In WWE 2K17

The best and easiest way to get VC in WWE 2K17 is by editing in a lot of promos to WWE Universe mode as they are quick to complete and can be skipped when you’ve made your choice. You can earn a few thousand VC per promo so it won’t take long to farm enough VC to buy a lot of the purchasables.

How To Get The Big Ladder In Ladder Matches

To get the big ladder in WWE 2K17 you have to play a 6 Man Ladder Match, you can’t get a super ladder in any other kind of match other than 6 man. You can also only get the ladder from the back apron. Once you’ve

Here’s a video of the super ladder being used.


In these videos below you can check out the new RAW & Smackdown arenas along with the new championships.


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