Little Nightmare Will Last Around 6 – 8 hours

Namco Bandai presented Little nightmares, a future independent game that will be distributed in 2017. Many of us are attracted with this artistic direction, that try to dive us into the dark and play around with elements such as terror and exploration.

The narrative director, Dave Merrick says that although the story is important, interpretation depend on each of us: “We believe it is best that players interpret it as they see, rather than as passive spectators who have to say what the is the history. We want the story of Little Nightmares exist in the game, not just for a few scenes. ”

Tarsier Studios also during the interview in the middle “OnlySP” has revealed that the game would last around 6 and 8 hours, but are not the only details that have revealed.

Little Nightmares is scheduled to start in 2017 for Xbox One. The players are immersed in a dark and bizarre story that will face the fears of his childhood while helping Six, a girl with a yellow raincoat looking to escape Maw a mysterious ship.

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