September 2016 US NPD Software Data Has Been Leaked. No Man Sky Only Sells 50K

Yesterday we learned that the Xbox One was the top selling console in the US for the third month straight thanks to NPDs and now we have an idea how some of the games performed. According to sources the top three selling games in the US in September were NBA 2K17, Madden 17 and FIFA 17. NBA 2K17 apparently sold 1306K at retail making it the biggest launch ever for a sports game and it was a 18% increase compared to last years version.

Madden 17 sold 727K without bundles and 788K with bundles. FIFA 17 sold 444K which was down from last years version which sold 633K. If you’re wondering how Forza Horizon 3 did then we can tell you that it sold around 150k. This is an ok number and you also have to take into account that it was only on sale for 5 days (a few more if you count the Ultimate Edition). ReCore the other Microsoft first party game apparently sold less than 50K at retail which doesn’t come as much of a surprise. It’s safe to say that game is a bomb. Bioshock The Collection also apparently sold around as much as Forza Horizon 3 did which is great news.

Thanks to the PS4 Slim Bundles Uncharted 4 sold around 100K in the US last month and Grand Theft Auto V continues being a beast as it sold 152K which is up 15% compared to this time last year. That game truly has legs like no other game. To no one’s surprise No Man’s Sky sold around 50K in September which is down from over 500K in August.

As for a bit of hardware news the original PS4 model outsold the PS4 slim by a lot with around 175K sold of the Black Ops 3 Bundle compared to around 100K for the PS4 Slim. The Black Ops 3 bundle was selling for $299 like the slim and at some times $279 at some retailers. The 3DS sold more this September then it did in September 2015 and a bigger surprise is that the PS3 sold around 41,000 last month which is more than the Wii U did which sold around 36,000. Those PS3 sales are up 54% on the year. The Xbox One sold 332,800 units in September which was up 13.8% from last year while the PS4 sold 285,300 which was down 19.3% from last year

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  1. ps4 isnt selling well….lmao sony HAD the lead times do change…lol

    • What are you talking about? Sony still has the lead and if my calculations are correct if Xbox one outsells PS4 by only 50k a month it would take 400 months to close the 20 million console gap between the two.

      But nice try you fanboy troll.

      Congratulations to both Sony and Microsoft for creating such a healthy gaming competition.

      • who gives a shi* about a nobodys calculations….lmao

        • you sound exactly like what I would imagine a 13 years old troll on the Internet would.

          for non-trolls wondering about lower than usual PS4 sales, that usually happens when a company announce a new version of a product to be released, people hold off buying the soon to be old version. Now people are waiting for next month to buy PS4 Pro instead of buying regular PS4 now.

          • funny coming from a 5 year old..lmao

          • That’s an insult to 13 year-olds.

        • Why WOULD anybody care about your calculations?

          Though, to be fair, I’m impressed you could even spell that word.

          • you must have copied and pasted calculations I’m impressed you could even spellit your self……..lmao

          • Yep, I could “spellit.” No need to copy and paste. Most people who get past about fifth grade can spell it. But you… well, I’m not sure you made it that far.

          • lololol have fun playing nothing this holiday season maybe gt sport will launch some time next year…lmao

          • My list of games this holiday is full, thanks. Don’t know about this “nothing” game, though. Seeing as you’re an XBox fan, you must’ve been playing it a lot since this gen started. How is it?

          • sure it is not a single AAA exclusive tho…lmao only on the delay station…..lmao

          • You don’t even know what AAA means. And you’re getting boring.

          • thats because you have no comeback for not having any AAA exclusives for the holidays because they are all delayed on the delay station…lmao

          • Yep, boring.

          • boring when you got put in your place huh?…lmao

          • Boring because you’re not even being imaginative.

          • more like winning because you have said anything intelligent iyour last 3 posts.all you are trying to do is insult and failing bad at

        • Apparently you do because of your low IQ you had to look the word up and then respond to me.

          Listen I’m sorry I embarrassed you and made you look ridiculous. I know how poorly everything must be going for you if you have to post idiotic comments on a message board.

          Here’s to everyone here hoping you will grow up one day.

          • lol idiot.

    • Off your meds again?

      • 100k sales??? thats why xbox one s is winning npd 3 months in a row.wake up from you ponie dream world.have you puked playing vomit comet psvr?….lmao

        • Isn’t the XB1 down by more than a million sales even in the US?

          • Yes the PS4 has an almost 2 million lead in the US.

        • I think you should read more closely. The PS4 sold 285K for the month in the US. It was the Slim that only sold 100K. PS4 still had a strong month and worldwide it’s still not even close.

          • all that matters is in the usa where i live xbox won again.i dont care for japan…lol

  2. look at all this ponie hate…lmao suck it ponies… one again 3rd month on a row…lol

    • Can’t wait to see how you will be trolling when the November NPD’s are released. I’ll save you your tears, go troll elsewhere.

      • the same for you when the most powerful console ever made will launch next year ps its not a playstation…lol

        • Power is irrelevant, look at NES vs Sega Master System, PS1 vs N64, look at PS2 vs OG XBOX, look at Wii vs XBOX 360. None of that matters, it’s all in the games. The PS4 is not a three-trick pony (Forza, Gears & Halo – year after bloody year I might add) like the XBOX ONE. Deal. 😉

  3. It looks like it out sold the PS4 by 50k units in AMERICA, Add in a weeks worth of sales from Japan and the difference is wiped out, no to mention the massive amounts sold in Europe and the rest of the world.

  4. Forza Horizon 3? 150k? Hilariousness.

  5. Is the author retarded? What about puting nice and clear fucking chart?!

  6. I hope competition stays healthy. Microsoft is doing a bit better, but I hope Sony makes them feel the more pressure so that they can try to get hold of better games in the future. Especially where exclusives are concerned. Competition is great for us gamers in the end.

  7. wake up ponies sony is full of it look at all the delays nothing coming out this holiday its all delayed till when ever.what happened to the ff7 episode remake????keep buying sonys bs you know why you do because you are all lemmings wake up.

  8. Lol “Only Sells 50K”. So it did 5 times better in its second month than lets say Sunset Overdrive or Recore then? Not too bad for an indie, an average, overhyped one at that.

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