Battlefield 1 Vs. Titanfall 2: Which EA FPS Should Get Your Purchase This Year?

Electronic Arts is a major player in the gaming universe and have been for some time.  They have been responsible for providing us with titles such as Medal of Honor, Sim City, Dragon Age Series, various sports games, the list goes on.  In the coming 2 weeks they will be releasing 2 of the more anticipated games this holiday season: Battlefield 1 and Titan Fall 2.  The Battlefield series has been around a lot longer than Titan Fall, however the popularity for Titan Fall has amassed over the past 2 years.  So which game, if one had to choose, should get your purchase?


Battlefield.  Synonymous with grandiose battles spawning World War II, Vietnam, Current and even future battlefields.  The games focused on team combat, and required coordination during big Multi Player battles.  Battlefield 1 will be the 15th game in the series and the first next gen game to feature the World War 1 Theater.  There will be Multiplayer as well as a single player campaign crossing several key and famous battles of WWI.  In true Battlefield style, players will be able to use weapons and drive vehicles native to the time period.  Other aspects have been revamped, such as melee combat, to keep in flow with how it was during WWI.


Titanfall 2.  Mech combat in a future world.  Titanfall is new to the scene, from the creators of Respawn Entertainment.  The first game was a multiplayer first person shooter, where squads of 6 battled each other for supremacy.  The story was one of space exploration and the battling of corporate defense contractors and the local homesteaders in the Frontier.  Gameplay included free running soldiers, using parkour abilities as well as the ability to call in Titans, or giant mechs, to battle.  There are futuristic weapons and abilities as well as the usual class types – light, medium and heavy.  The game had a single player of sorts, blended in with the tutorial, but mostly focused on the 15 available multiplayer maps.  Titanfall 2 will be a direct sequel, with the addition of a single player story and campaign.  New abilities and a host of new maps will offer more challenges to players.

So which game should you get?  Both games are well respected and have done very well with gamers.  Battlefield 1 explores a new time period and offers a glimpse into the first major World War conflict.  Titanfall 2 ups the game by going more indepth into the universe, detailing a story and developing characters and expanding on abilities of both the pilots and Titans.  Both look fantastic graphically, each attending to their genres in great detail.  I personally will be picking up BF1. I have been a player since Battlefield 1942, and loved when Battlefield Vietnam came out as a little change of pace.  I like how they are going into a time period not thought of before, and hopefully they will tell a powerful and moving story.  I will eventually get Titanfall 2, but it will be some time for me.  I enjoy multiplayer games, however single player is a great base to expand into online play.  I would almost treat Titanfall 2 as a first game in the series, as it is seemingly more complete with a campaign and story.

Ultimately gamers will choose which game they want to play most, which game appeals to them more, which game they will get the most play out of.  Both are solid games, each in their own individual multiplayer worlds offering unique and different experiences than games have participated in before.  Which one will you be getting and why?  Make your comments below, and as always follow ThisGenGaming on Twitter @TGGamingReviews for all the news, reviews and commentaries in the gaming industry.

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  1. Titanfall 2!!! as one of the useless 10% who actually played a medic in the beta for 1 i saw the writing on the wall, no mics and no revives and a whole lot of running from objective to objective alone. gonna sit this one out for a game that is actually fun.

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