Forza Horizon 3 Player Base Numbers Might Point To Sales In Excess Of 1 Million

Forza Horizon 3 launched to critical acclaim just a few weeks ago and whilst sales data has been quiet, users reporting on player numbers might have just hinted at sales already crossing the 1 million mark. NeoGaf users pointed out that a twitter user by the name of Goonertron posted a picture on twitter about FH3 player’s list. It currently has 1,137,557 players.

It’s unclear as to the exact numbers since Microsoft have not released any official statement on Forza Horizon 3 sales as of yet. NPD insider @AstronautClaire pointed to sales in the US physical market being around 150k but we are still without official numbers. Though, passing 1 million wouldn’t be too surprising considering the amazing reviews that Forza Horizon 3 received.

This is still a developing story and we hope to bring you updates as the story develops.


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  1. Not surprising, it’s just a really good game, and I’m not a big racing fan.

  2. Best racing game ever made

    • Shitty, and around only 1 million player (some people could be using the same copy but with a different profile. – so the actual unit sold is lower)

      Forzas are selling lower and lower with every new versions. Even the PC version isn’t helping. LOL

      It sucks, you sucks. Too bad.

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