Halo 5: Guardians Receive More Items To Forge, But There Will Be More News

Halo 5: Guardians came out a year ago. Microsoft has done its best possible to update the game almost every month with fresh content ranging from maps, to new game modes or some variation that made us lack.

In its latest weekly update on the blog of Halo , 343 Industries preview some of the new elements, and for now focus on Forge for Halo 5. Forge director, Tom French, said one of the most frequents comments in the feedback is that developers, add more pieces to Forge, and the next update focuses on Sangheili

Anvil’s Legacy, was the ninth free game update. Halo 5 has received so far, The Battle of Shadow and Light (November), Cartographer’s Gift (December), Infinity’s Armor (January), Hammer Storm (February), Ghosts of Meridian (April), Memories of Reach (May), Hog Wild (May), and Warzone Firefight (June).

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