November 2016 PlayStation Plus Predictions

Sony has been on a role here the past few months offering up some pretty great games for PlayStation 4 owners on PlayStation Plus. Over the past few months PS4 Plus members have gotten games like NBA 2K16, Journey, Lords of the Fallen, Transformers Devastation, and Resident Evil HD for free and hopefully that trend will continue in November. We’ll know the full list in another couple of weeks but for now lets make some guesses as to what we might see included in the lineup.

1. Watch Dogs


Well one day this predication has to be right..right? If there was any month more perfect to give Watch Dogs away for free then November 2016 is it. Ubisoft will be launching the sequel Watch Dogs 2 on November 15 and giving PlayStation Plus members access to the first game a couple weeks ahead of time could be a good move. Ubisoft has also been giving away a lot of their other games on both Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus over the past few months such as I Am Alive, Mad Riders, Beyond Good & Evil HD, Prince of Persia and more so they might continue that trend in November.

2. Rayman Legends


Rayman Legends is yet another Ubisoft title we could see on PlayStation Plus next month. Rayman Legends has already been free on Xbox One Games with Gold in the past and as we’ve seen both services frequently get the same games at times. Rayman Legends is also one of the best platformers in recent memory and would be perfect to give away since many parents could end up buying PlayStation 4’s for their kids in November. With gorgeous visuals and great gameplay I for one would have no complaints if we got the latest Rayman adventure for free.

3. Murdered Soul Suspect


This one is a lesser known title and one that many gamers never played but absolutely should. You’re character is killed in the game and you come back as a ghost and have to figure out why you were killed. Murdered Soul Suspect didn’t sell well causing the developer to shut its doors but it is a very underrated gem. It has a pretty good story and there isn’t a lot else out there like it. With Sony really pushing to include AAA titles on PlayStation Plus here lately this is one that you could very well see them include next.

4. Sniper Elite 3


The Sniper Elite series is yet another underrated franchise but one I find to be a lot of fun. They are best known for their gruesome X-ray kill cam shots where you shoot the bullet and watch as it barrels towards your target only to then show you the bullet piercing their body. It’s a lot of fun and there are some really bad places you can imagine that you can shoot your targets. We haven’t seen a game from this franchise free before but Sniper Elite 3 is pretty old now and with Sniper Elite 4 on the way early next year this is a great time to get more players invested in this franchise.

That’s it for my predictions this month everyone so what did you think of my list? I really do hope we continue to see a good mix of both AAA and indie games on PS4 PlayStation Plus and I’d love to have any of the games I listed above. Let us know in the comments what games you want to see on PlayStation Plus in November.

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  1. wouldn’t mind sniper elite or watch dogs

  2. I predict bloodborne the division or dark souls 3..possibly bf4.

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