Mafia III Version 1.03 Update Goes Live On PS4, What Does It Do?

Having issues with Mafia III? Check our complete list of known bugs and issues here¬†and let us know if there’s anything missing from the list.

Mafia III’s latest update just went live on PS4, and was a file size of only 137.9MB which makes you wonder how much was really fixed in the game with all the issues and bugs that have been reported since it’s launch almost 2 weeks ago.

It would be nice to know what it actually does, but unfortunately the patch notes only say “General fixes and improvements” which means any of the very large list of bugs could’ve been fixed in this patch.

How is Mafia III after downloading patch 1.03, is there less bugs, the same or even more!? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. its a bit better but still buggy graphics need to improve driving is a bit better weather is still very strange still glitchy i think the 1.03 update is very small and not much info i hope the next update will have more info and bigger update size….. thanks but still great game….

  2. Mafia 3 has stopped working on me, and I was trown out to the main
    screen on PS4, with a message and error has eropted in the followed
    program (MAFIA3)
    And thats happed after this patch 1.03.

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