5 Video Game Developers Who Have Earned An Unbelievable Amount of Respect With Gamers

Video game developers owe a lot to gamers and vice versa.  The balance of respect between the two is a delicate one, which can be squashed by the release of a bad game, or the overall decision within games.  With that respect garners a lot of followings and thus, developers who are cherished can rally the masses with a simple tweet (Like Rockstar did over the weekend).  So which video game developers have the most respect amongst gamers?  Here are my top 5 (in no particular order).



Let’s start out with one of the larger and better known ones.  Rockstar tweeted on Sunday a simple red background with the company’s logo.  Instantly, gamers knew that this was going to be a teaser and that more was to come for the sequel to 2010s Red Dead Redemption.  That image and comments were retweeted more times in an hour than another developer’s game on our list, Fallout 4.  Rockstar games has been around since 1998 and have been known for some of the greatest video game series.  They have done games like Max Payne, to Midnight Run, the Red Dead series and their flagship Grand Theft Auto.  GTA V being the most recent game in the series, has garnered critical acclaim, set numerous sales records, and is still being played today with their online feature.  In fact, their online feature continues to release more content, more mod capabilities – for no additional charge.  Rockstar has several different divisions, which enables them to individual focus on their games.  They have a strong fan base, as well as large presence in social media.  For all of this, they have garnered the respect from gamers.



Instantly when you hear the name Bethesda, you focus on 1 of their 2 series – Fallout and Elder Scrolls.  Bethesda has been around since 2001 and no one is more vocal in the gaming community than Todd Howard their executive producer.  He consistently interacts with fans via tweets or video blogs, interviews, you name it.  He speaks frequently at events worldwide on the gaming industry with his intelligent, yet down to earth and basic philosophies on what games mean to everyone.  The Action/Role Playing genre is not the same with Fallout and Elder Scrolls.  Spanning two different “worlds” each with its own rich culture and extensive history, they both play on the Open world explore and do whatever you want.  And that is a way of life that drives many gamers to play what they love.


Naughty Dog

Our oldest developer on the list, Naughty Dog – has been around since 1984.  While their early games included the Crash Bandicoot series, it was 2007 Uncharted Drake’s Fortune that launched the company into the mainstream.  The Last of Us in 2013 garnered even more critical acclaim for their storytelling, game play, graphics and philosophy on developing games.  While the company has remained loyal to the Sony and the Playstation systems, their respect has been earned across the gaming community.  Both the Uncharted series and Last of Us have won numerous high end awards, including game of the year.  Some even believe Last of Us to be in the top games of all time.  The company rewards their fans with in-depth games that evoke deep emotions and connections.  Their development philosophy differs from all others, typically focusing on 1 game/series at a time, and giving more creative freedom and less involvement from outside sources.  For this they are able to create the games we love to play.


From Software

                Our 2nd oldest developer, founded in 1986, From Software is the first of our International developers from Japan.  Some gamers love to enjoy punishment.  Older gamers remember classic games that were brutal and difficult, whether in control or delivery, or just over all skill level.  From Software has brought that into the next generation with their Demon Souls and Dark Souls games.  Filled with ancient lore and detailed graphics, these games let you work in the most basic ways to take on the most monumental tasks.  The developer answers each game with a sequel and story that surpasses the predecessor.  Adding to that content and features that allow for continual replay, or torture if you wish – every fan of these games thirsts for their next version.  Gamers have come to appreciate and want what From Software offers in their catalog, winning numerous awards most recently for Bloodborne.  Gamers look to From for the next version of RPG games with high difficulty, and respect them for providing the world with one of the harder challenges in gaming.


CD Projekt Red

Our 2nd International developer, CD Projekt Red, from Warsaw Poland.  Founded in 1994, they have come to the limelight recently with The Witcher series, and developmental strategies different from most other companies.  Their early years were spent translating Western games into Polish.  Through this they developed the code and story that would become The Witcher.  Becoming a sleeper hit, the sequel gave them more fame and the third game even more.  Why do gamers have such respect for this company?  Ingenuity, different behavior and thought process.  The founders of CD Projekt Red are also the creators and founders of GoG.com (Good Old Games) which is a website for DRM (digital rights management) free versions of classic games.  Holding true to that, The Witcher 2 and 3 were both released DRM free – a philosophy that the company holds dear to their heart that DRM doesn’t stop piracy but rather hurts gamers.  In addition to that, DLC or downloadable content is also something that exists for Red’s games, but is free – unlike most of their larger competitors.  The company believes that games should be about content and immersion and not about nickel and diming and producing incomplete games only to have more added after the fact.  The Witcher 3 had with it 15 pieces of DLC, all available at no additional charge.  This philosophy is a growing movement and gamers are greatly appreciative that a developer is on their side, and not on the side of making money.

There are so many developers in the gaming world today.  They range from large companies to smaller indie ones.  Each have their own standards and methods for creating games, and how they interact with the consumer.  What developer has earned your utmost respect and why?  Make your comments below.  Stay tuned for the next major release from Rockstar in a few days.  And as always follow ThisGenGaming on Twitter @TGGamingReviews for all the news, reviews and commentaries in the gaming industry.

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  1. You should really have put Bethesda Game Studios instead of just Bethesda. It is a bit confusing since Bethesda Softworks have been around since 1986 and BGS is a in house dev team created in 2001. I’m sure your average gamer doesn’t know the difference.

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