Mafia III And Four Other Games That Were Released Broken

With the release of Mafia III, players were met with another broken game on release.  A quick look on YouTube and you can see what a mess the game was on release.  Now granted the developers are going to patch things up and fix them, but isn’t their job to delivered a finished product?  There can be arguments back and forth about game design choices with game play mechanics and the way the story goes, but on release a game should play the way it was intended.  Things like this shouldn’t happen. Sure there can be a little glitch here and there.  But when they are common, that’s when it becomes an issue.

Unfortunately, issues like this seem to be all to common nowadays.  Here are just a few games that were released in spite of glaring issues.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Assassin’s Creed: Unity.  Everyone knows the name of this game.  And most likely not for good reasons.  This pile of mess shouldn’t have even been considered for release when it did with the issues it had.  Just take a look for yourself.

How this was allowed is remarkable.  The game was eventually patched, and now is a pretty solid budget title, especially if you like the assassin’s creed franchise.  But for something like this to just slip into the final product makes you wonder what exactly developers were thinking?  Were they hoping gamers would miss that this characters entire face was missing?

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Halo.  A long and glorious franchise.  But it also has its own share of stumbles along the way.  While gameplay wasn’t too much of an issue, this title had a bigger problem, matchmaking.  The bread and butter of the Halo series is the multiplayer.  So gamers were rightly angry when they found difficulty finding and joining matches.  The problem persisted for the greater part of a couple months after release.  Again, the game was eventually patched, and gamers were given freebies as part of an apology, including a free copy of Halo 3: ODST for backwards compatibility on Xbox One.  Luckily for 343 studios, Halo 5 would later release fairly smoothly.

Diablo 3

The one company that almost always puts out top quality games with little to no issues whatsoever, is Blizzard Entertainment.  From the folks behind the MMO World of Warcraft, and competitve e-sport game Starcraft II, you would think a Diablo sequel would be pretty simple.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen.  Upon release of Diablo 3, gamers were greeted with along with multiple other connection errors and issues, the infamous: Error 3007.  This error also brought to light a strange design choice by Blizzard.  The option to play offline, at least for PC players, was removed.  That’s right, PC players wouldn’t be able to play a single player game, without an online connection.  Many players were affected by this at launch until a few days afterwards, where Blizzard finally fixed their mess.  The later console release of Diablo 3 would allow for an offline experience, but at the time of the release for PC players, the always online nature of Diablo 3 prevented many from experience the next chapter in the Diablo franchise.

No Man’s Sky

This one is a little different.  Technically speaking No Man’s Sky wasn’t really broken.  The gameplay and mechanics all worked fine and there were little to no issues starting and playing the game.  The only issue that was around was technical difficulties on the PC performance of the game, which was pretty quickly patched and fixed.  What was broken on release was the promised experience.  No Man’s Sky was supposed to be a giant Sci-Fi sandbox experience with a seemingly infinite universe to explore.  However, that’s not what players got on release.  A dedicated redditor compiled a list of everything that No Man’s Sky was missing from the game, so far as to including links of where interviews and articles stated that the game would include said features.  So while the game wasn’t “broken” it was incomplete, which to some is the same as a game being broken.  No Man’s Sky suffered greatly from the hype train, and hasn’t made a comeback yet.  The community still expresses anger over being delivered a sub par title, which can be seen in the recent closing of the subreddit for No Man’s Sky over the large amount of toxic comments surrounding the game.  At this point, it doesn’t seem like a big patch or even worse additional DLC to “fix” the game will help the situation either.

Gamers spend their hard earned money on games, and we’d hope that the gaming industry can rally together and at the very least not provide players with a broken experience of their games on release day.

Let us know in the comments below what other games were broken and had you the most frustrated.

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