Pine Is The New Project Of Square Enix Collective

Twirlbound studios has announced that are now part of Square Enix Collective program, to develop its new game scheduled for late 2018 and have now added new funding targets including a version for Xbox One.

Pine is a 3D adventure game that suits you. Using advanced artificial intelligence systems, the game recognizes your patterns and playing style, and makes the creatures and the world evolve specifically for you. We will control Hue, a frightened teenager but brave belonging to one of the last remaining human tribes on the island of Albamare, fighting for the survival of their species.

The themes seem to be inspired game in the Zelda series strongly, while fighting as compared to Bloodborne . In addition, Pine, adds elements of an advanced AI system, borrowing the ideas and the mechanics of the system Nemesis Shadow of Mordor and dynamic progression of Fable.

Pine has a fairly full open world with a changing climate full of mountains, plains, forests, beaches and marshes, and a population constantly evolving animals physically and mentally will change / evolve depending on how you interact with them.

You can learn more details about the project here .

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