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Playing platformers is something I did a lot growing up as many of my favorite games fit in that genre. Today we don’t see many of them anymore from AAA developers but thankfully the indie game space as still been giving me my fix. Earlier this year I reviewed a really good platformer called Klaus and now indie developer Coatsink has released yet another one that I’ve found to be really good. Let us talk about Shu.


The story in Shu goes a little something like this. You play as Shu and must defend your peaceful town from an evil dark cloud force that is chasing you. The game is a 2D side scrolling platformer with some pretty neat features. The controls feel great and the game offers a fair bit of challenge. Besides the standard jumping you’d find in you’re standard platformer you can do others things like holding R1 while in the air to glide for a short period of time. You’ll need to use this gliding ability when you encounter the wind streams in the game as well. Wind streams move you quickly through areas and learning how to use the gliding effectively make these sections even better.


Another really cool gameplay feature you come across is the ability for Shu to combine his powers with some friends all through the power of holding hands. When you find these companions you can get abilities like wall jumping and double jumping among others and you’ll need to use these different abilities to make it through the many levels. There are five stages made up of three levels each to play through all of which end with you having to escape that evil cloud force. To me personally these were some of my favorite sections as you really have to be on the ball in using all the things you have learned in order to escape quickly.

All of this is made better by the beautiful art style that Shu employs. It’s a very colorful game and all of the levels are a joy to behold. The character animations are well done as are the cutscenes and all of it is accompanied by a great soundtrack as well. I really love the music in the boss chase sequences as well but I am a sucker for orchestra like music. There is no voice work present in Shu but the characters do make little noises that are just fine. If you don’t have a lot of time you can finish the game in a few hours but it does have reasons to return to it. There are collectibles to find and speed running trials to take on as well. Naturally the game has online leaderboards so you can see how your times stack up against the rest of the world. If you’re a trophy person Shu has a good amount of them including a Platinum trophy to chase after.


Like I said in the opener Shu is yet another platformer that does enough different to capture my interest. I’m so thankful to the indie game space for still creating unique new platforming experiences like Shu. Its got its own unique gameplay elements and the art style is gorgeous and fun to look at. I was only disappointed when the game came to an end as it isn’t very long. Hopefully Coatsink will do more with Shu in the future as it’s absolutely something I’d love to see more of. For any fan of platformers however you can’t do much better than Shu this year.

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  • Great Illustrated Art Style
  • Good Level Design
  • Enjoyable, Well told Story


  • Short Story
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