The Biggest Positives of The Nintendo Switch After Watching The Reveal Trailer


So Nintendo finally released their new device, now named Switch.  The teaser video showed the awesome power to play on your regular TV, and then take it mobile via a tablet.  The versatility on the device seem to match our current world view of play – on the go.  So what are some positives after watching the reveal trailer?


What is Nintendo Switch?

Console gaming, powerful gaming, anywhere.  What gamer wouldn’t love to take their gamed with them when they travel?  The ability to play your game anywhere has been a hot topic of late and companies are trying to capitalize on it.  Microsoft revealed their Play Anywhere platform, where you could play your games on One and then continue on your Windows 10 PC.  Nintendo has taken this idea a step further.  One of the drawbacks to Play Anywhere is you have to have both a One console and a Windows 10 PC.

With Switch, all of that is built into the console you own.  Controllers come apart for mobile use around the tablet.  Games look to be cartridges that go directly into the tablet, or home console.  The detachable controllers have exciting versatility with the ability to play certain games with 2 hands, or use with friends so they have a controller to play with.  These look to be an expanding on the Wii controllers.  The docking station aspect seems quick and easy, with simply putting in the station to play on the TV, or to pull away and play on the second screen.


High End Console

The graphics look absolutely extraordinary for a Nintendo console.  We caught glimpses of a Zelda Game, what appears to be NBA 2K and even Elder Scrolls Skyrim.  Old favorites like Mario and Mario Kart were also shown, and another fan favorite Splatoon, in a completive play environment.  Switch appears to have high end processing power inside the new console.  All within a compact device that can fit just as easily on shelf as inside an entertainment center.  We saw two versions of controllers, with a standard one for switching, but also a more beefy traditional console for use at home.  The ease of switching between TV and hand held is as simple as pulling out of the docking station, or putting back in.

3rd Party Support 

With the graphics capability many third party and AAA developers have partnered up with ports hopefully coming with release which is March of next year.  Companies like Activision, Bethesda, and From Software are on the list.  This means big players and bigger games will be coming to Nintendo to pair with the old fan favorites.  The apparent multiplayer aspects could fit in big here, with the mobile capability of having Call Of Duty matches from the living room to the park or even to the workplace!

What are your thoughts after seeing the reveal trailer?  Will we have another Wii craze on our hands, with consoles flying off the shelves and backorders for months to come?  Do you think Nintendo will be able to bounce back from the Wii U?  I personally haven’t purchased Nintendo since Wii, and haven’t played it in equally as long, but Switch has me excited.  Make sure to post in the comments below your opinions.  And as always follow ThisGenGaming on Twitter @TGGamingReviews for all the news, reviews and commentaries in the gaming industry.

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