The Last Guardian Has Gone Gold

The time is finally coming everyone as The Last Guardian is now officially gone gold and will be launching on December 6. Word comes from a producer on the game Jun Yoshino who sent out the following tweet.

It’s been a long time coming but we know for sure now that the game will not be delayed again and that we’ll all be playing it in a little over a month. Developed by Japan Studio, The Last Guardian has gone through quite the journey to get here on PS4 but it’s one I think will be worth it. Team Ico’s previous games are some of my all time favorites and I can’t wait to play The Last Guardian come December 6. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited for it.

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  1. What? No Way!!! I thought I’d never see this day!!!! Can’t wait now, just over a month left!!!

  2. well at least the ponies can play this 10yr delayed ps3 game for the holidays on the delay station…lmao

    • How is that Crackdown, Cuphead, Below and more on Xbox One? Oh wait.

      • crackdown will be in NATIVE 4K and you care about an indie?……lmao.

        have fun playing nothing this holiday until march.maybe you will get a AAA exclusives by that time maybe…..lmao

        the delay station were delays await….lmao

        • You fanboys are so pathetic. I have both consoles so I can enjoy the games on both. PS4 had exclusives all year long this year what did you Xbox One have up until Horizon 3? Nothing. I can play the third party games on PS4 this holiday and be set until the exclusives start pumping out again Dec-March.

          • trying to say you have both and play both sides just for the exclusives of both but yet your name is PSN merc….lmao…….nice try ponie

          • So you’re saying I don’t have both? Because I can make you look dumber than you already do real fast.

          • you are obviously dumb for not getting what i was trying to say…lol….never mind…lmao

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