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Grab your bow, lock down your banana hoard and get ready to fend off an army of monkeys as Oasis Games has unleashed Ace Banana on PlayStation VR. One of their two games out currently on PlayStation VR, Ace Banana is an arcade like shooter for the headset that will have you preforming archery on evil monkeys who want your stash of bananas.

Ace Banana

Ace Banana can be played with the Dualshock 4 or two PlayStation Move controllers if you want the feeling of using a bow and arrow to feel more immersive. For this review I played the game using both control options. Like Pixel Gear the game is another wave based shooter where you will play through levels and take on bosses.  You play as a banana who is also an archer and yeah that is pretty crazy but I went along with it. Using the Move you have to aim and shoot the waves of monkeys as they approach. There are different types of monkeys and some will take more than one shot to fend off. If a monkey gets too close they will get away with some of your bananas and if you run out well than it’s game over for you Mr/Mrs banana archer. You’ll also need to move around the levels to take out the monkeys which can be done by aiming one of the controllers at a platform and pressing the move button.

The controls themselves take some getting used to and don’t always work the best. Naturally the headset lets you look around the world and one Move controller controls your bow and the other the arrows. For the most part it worked ok but I did encounter tracking issues sometimes which was annoying. If you use the Dualshock 4 you just aim with it and use R2 to fire. Try out both and see what works best for you but in my time with the game I ended up liking the Dualshock 4 better. As you fight through the waves you’ll come across various power ups to assist you. When they drop from enemies just shoot them to pick them up. You can only use one at a time as when you pick it up you use it until the ammo runs out. These power ups consist of panda bombs which are pandas that roll towards the monkeys while another one is a plunger. Like any game some are more useful than others so keep that in mind.

Ace Banana

The colorful, cartoony visuals are a welcome touch and the enemy design helps you distinguish between them. Thanks to this visual style this is a shooter that you can gather the whole family around to play. There are 20 trophies to earn but no Platinum unfortunately. The trophies mostly consist of beating all the bosses, defeating a certain number of monkeys, etc. The game isn’t long and I do think the asking price is a little too high for what is here especially when you compare it to some of the other PlayStation VR games. Ace Banana also makes you start over from wave 1 if you fail which is to say the checkpoint system is nonexistent. If you’re using the Move controllers you’ll probably find your arms start to grow tired especially if you keep failing.

If you’re looking for a fun, colorful family shooter than Ace Banana will be for you. The shooting feels good even though the Move controllers can sometimes not work right. Thanks to the varied enemies the game doesn’t get boring although I do think the price is high for the amount of content that you get. If you can get past that and a couple other faults however than by all means become a banana archer and shoot some monkeys.

*Review copy of Ace Banana provided by the publisher

Ace Banana





  • Fun Archery Game
  • Great Cartoony Art Style
  • Good Variety of Enemies Keep Things Fresh


  • No Checkpoint System
  • Controls Don't Always Work as Intended
  • Asking Price is a Little High
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