1.4 Patch Notes For The Division

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25, and will be launching late and pending update for The Division. This patch 1.4 intend to bring a huge amount of fixes, adjustments and a number of changes (and sleep say the same generic thousand times), but the details speak for themselves, extensively, below.

Previously its developers were expressed that intentions are first correct the game and give it more balance, which consequently brought a delay of several months to downloadable paid content that were scheduled for this year, and one of them even for the month of September, which never came.

Let’s see you bring back, Ubisoft:


  • Upon reaching level 30, players can choose a category in the world, which controls the level of NPCs and quality of the loot they drop.
  • There are a total of 4 categories of the world:
    • Category 1: enemies level 30, rewards team score of 163
    • Category 2: enemies level 31 rewards team score of 182, unlocks the challenging difficulty and raids
    • Category 3: enemies level 32 rewards team score of 204
    • Category 4: enemies level 33 rewards team score of 229
  • The difficulty of an activity in the same category in the world (normal, difficult or challenging) gives more rewards.


  • PC has added an interface to denounce users.
  • Players now have available the “Mark as junk” option to equip mods.
  • Players can now make weapons and items of equipment as “favorites” to lock in inventory. Locked objects can not be sold, shared or butchering.
  • Added an option to undo inventory purchases by the seller. Players can now retrieve objects inadvertently selling.
  • Added an option to sellers quickly and menus that allows players to quickly select which objects are displayed navigation.
  • Paintings weapon no longer take up space in your inventory.
  • Equipped items now appear above all in the inventory list.
  • The recalibrated objects now have an icon next to their statistical or recalibrated talent.
  • Now the manufacturing materials can be converted to mass manufacturing station.
  • Players can now butchering from the cache.
  • Players now have the option to search from the management group menu better than the server they are using.
  • Players can no longer open inventory if they suffer an altered state.
  • Manufacturing table now opens instantly instead of having to wait for the animation.


  • It has reduced the time required to kill enemy NPCs.
  • There have been several arrangements in the enemy AI.
  • The player ammo capacity increases by 50% after level 30.
  • During the matchmaking, the game will attempt to fill any voids if the privacy of the group permits.

You can see the entire list of changes here: https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubi.com/game/en-US/news/152-271342-16/update-14-patch-notes

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  1. This is horribly written. There’s only a fraction of info about the update. Half of which isn’t correct, and the other half is illegible.

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