Six Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Own An Xbox One In 2016

The Xbox One has been steadily on the rise since its initial launch. While it had a pretty slow start behind the Playstation 4, it has been ramping up recently and more and more people are buying an Xbox One.  Microsoft must be doing something right to keep their console sales on the rise. And its partly due to the fact that the Xbox One is a pretty sweet and versatile machine.  Here’s a few reasons, in no particular order, why you should own an Xbox One.

Backwards Compatibility

The best feature, in my opinion, for the Xbox One is a feature that wasn’t even available at launch. It wasn’t until later in the consoles life cycle did Microsoft add in the Backwards Compatiblity functionality. Now while every single title isn’t available for Backwards Compatibility right from the start, it has a pretty robust selection as of right now. In addition, Microsoft has come out to say they eventually want every Xbox 360 to be Backwards Compatible eventually. So for those of us that hung onto some of our favorite Xbox 360 games, they either are or soon will be available to play on the Xbox One. And if you don’t have your hard copy anymore, you can always buy a digital copy or find a used copy.

Xbox Live (Games with Gold)

The Xbox Live Service is  the greatest tool of the Xbox One. It’s the main reason we can play with friends, join multiplayer matches and do so much more. While it isn’t a free service, it is very reliable. I personally have both Sony and Microsoft consoles, and more times that not when a console network goes down, its the Playstation Network. Xbox Live is a solid service, that even comes with bonuses. Along with an Xbox Live subscription, there are free games offered every month with Games with Gold.  Initially, the serviced offered a game or two for the Xbox One and the same for the Xbox 360. Now with the Backwards Compatibility in full swing, there are on average 4 games available for Xbox One a month.   Every Xbox 360 title given away now is Backwards Compatible. So gamers can get two true Xbox One titles and two Backwards Compatible titles a month. And they aren’t some obscure titles either. Just recently in October, Microsoft offered I Am Alive and The Escapists, two pretty solid indie titles. They also offer AAA titles as well, with the original Mirror’s Edge and even WWE 2K16 just recently as well.

EA Access

Another service exclusive to Xbox One is EA Access. This is a service for the very affordable price of 29.99 a year, that gives players access to The Vault which has a big list of previous EA titles, including Madden 2k16, Titanfall, Battlefield 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition and more. More titles are always. Being added to the service as well. Not only do gamers get access to these great titles, but they are eligible for discounts on EA titles with the service as well. They also get to play some titles a few days early, such as the recent Battlefield 1 launch. With EA Access and Games with Gold, Xbox One gamers are always getting something new to play on the Microsoft Platform.


With the recent launch of Windows 10 on PC’s worldwide and the update to the Xbox One system being Windows 10 based, Xbox One owners who also have a PC that they game on have the option to buy certain Xbox titles once and play them on both their PC and Xbox console. This is a pretty handy feature for people who want to play a little Forza Horizon 3, but can’t use their TV because someone else in their household might be on it.


Xbox One has a pretty solid selection of Exclusive titles that gamers can enjoy. The widely popular Halo franchise calls Xbox One it’s home. In addition, gamers on the Xbox One get to enjoy the Gears of War saga (which recently launched Gears of War 4) as well as the popular racing game Forza (which just released Forza Horizon 3). Other new IP’s exclusive to the system include Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, and the upcoming ScaleBound.

Controller Support

Microsoft has always had one of the most solid controllers for gaming ever with the Xbox 360 controller. This was only improved on with the Xbox One controller. Not stopping there, Microsoft introduced the fully customizable Xbox One Elite controller. This controller allows gamers to change out the height of the thumbsticks, add bumpers to the back on the controller, and change out the style of the D-Pad. Customization is easy and anyone can find a setup they will like. Microsoft even implemented an app in their system to swap button mapping as well, allowing full customization


The Xbox One has come a long way since launch. It even has a new and improved version in the Xbox One S. With these reasons, and so many more, there is no reason not to own an Xbox One. Bundles are becoming more plentiful and there is something out there for everyone!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite feature is on the Xbox One!

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  1. finally a good list most give dumb reasons so they dont get yelled at buy the by the ps4 fan base..good job.

    • LOL the somebody finally threw a bone to the xbots!

      even if it is as weak and failed as this one, you were really desperated for something, weren’t you?

      Exclusives…LOL, no real exclusives anymore and just ONE racing game is above 90…lol what a joke. MAybe that is why you all need to play old games, to play great exclusives from the past and not underwhelming semiexclusives of the present.

      • enjoy waiting for your games on the delay station where delays await…lmao

        ZERO AAA exclusives coming out until NEXT year…lmao

        • Zero??? ?
          The last guardian moron! ?
          Man, xbots are really dumb, only explanation why they fell for such a mediocre console! ?

          How many aaa exclusives are still coming out this year for the xbroke?

          How many exclusives above 92 ever? At least above 91? No?

          Ps4 had more exclusives (real exclusives vtw) scoring 85 of higher JUST in the month of may than the xbroke IN THE WHOLE YEAR! ?????????????????

          • The last guardian???/ i said AAA not AA…lmao.The last guardian is a 10 year delayed ps3 game….lol.the other ps3 looking game gt sport was also delayed.

          • Ok, prove it! Show me one article that says the last guardian is AA. ?

            And since you failed to do it previously, I’ll ask again :

            How many aaa exclusives are still coming out this year for the xbroke?

            How many exclusives above 92 ever? At least above 91? No?

            Ps4 had more exclusives (real exclusives vtw) scoring 85 of higher JUST in the month of may than the xbroke IN THE WHOLE YEAR!

            So ps4 beats xbroke handedly!


          • because its a 10 year delayed ps3 game…lmao.if it was a AAA title it would have done

          • In other words, you CAN’T prove it! ?

            But let us indulge you for a moment and pretend it’s a AA. At least ps4 still has exclusives this year! ?

            How many aaa exclusives are still coming out this year for the xbroke?

            And next year, just in the first two months, ps4 has more exclusives than the xbroke has… Well announced! ?Just within two months it has more than the remaining “exclusives ” for the xbric ?? and those are real exclusives, not like the xbroke’s ones ?

            And for already released content :
            How many exclusives above 92 ever? At least above 91? No??

            Ps4 had more exclusives (real exclusives vtw) scoring 85 of higher JUST in the month of may than the xbroke IN THE WHOLE YEAR! ??????????

          • lol

          • Exactly! LOL at the mediocre xbroke, lol at it’s mediocre semi exclusives and lol at its mediocre xbots… I left you spechless (again) so easily…it only shows how much better the ps4 and its games are…LOL

          • Kindly chill out on the fanboy wars, or I’ll request for you both to be blocked.

          • huh? wha…?

            I don’t know who you are. Or why do you think you can get the writer of this amazing, very well fundamented, not clickbaity piece of journalism to even consider blocking half of the users that came here to actually comment on the article and not just read other users comments.
            Or why does an argument where you are not mentioned and/or you are not part of somehow hurts your sensibilities.

            But don’t worry! you wont “have” to read or comments any more, didn’t you read? he’s done already! so we have concluded the argument here.

            Anyways, have a nice day and enjoy your gaming!

          • I’m one of the writers on here. You’re polluting a site I contribute to. Ergo, cut it out or I’ll have you kicked.


          • OK, I get it.

            Honnest question, If I refreain of using insults or derogatory adjectives can I still state verifiable facts?

          • In what context? If you want to incite console wars, Gamingbolt and VG24/7 are that way ➡

          • Um, context? like: if someone says a certain product failed , can I show the sales numbers?

            Or if someone says a console has not exclusives , can I list them ?

            Or if someone says you undeniably need to buy the Xbox one because it has Ea access , can I say that’s false since you have origin access on the pc?

            I guess , my question to you is : what do you or this site consider a “console war ” ? What’s deemed acceptable and what isn’t ? Where do you draw the line?

          • What?

            I give you an honnest, direct and very pertinent question and you can’t answer it?

            How can you judge users and even sites about the “console wars” when you dont even know what constitutes a console war?

            SMH I think I got played here because it really don’t look like you could contribute to any website.

          • Sorry, you must have me confused with someone who actually cares what some random no-mark thinks…

            Take this as a lesson: I don’t care.

          • Says the dumbass crying to other people “don’t involve in console wars” to people not talking to him.

            Of you don’t care, then stay away chump.

          • I care enough to say this:

            Learn English, for the love of fucking God, as you come across as an idiotic moron.

            And I’m blocking you so don’t try to reply, asshole.

          • You should unblock your brain!

            Get lost loser!

          • sony psvr failed.the ps4 at launch costed them money,the slim is a fail and ps4 pro is a fail.

            every thing sony does has failed like ps in nothing but a failure of a company while ms and xbox have what 400b…lol

            sony is a complete failure as a com-pany.

          • so you have no exclusives left, no answers and you decide to answer with…lies?

            Lets see:
            PSVR critical success: and so far comercial success:

            BTW VR i an option present in PS4 ABSENT in xbox…MORE advantage to the PS4.

            Ps4 world leader in software and hardware since day one.

            There is NO ps4 slim just ps4. And it has outsold the xbox almost 2 to 1, even the week ending on october 1st is still selling more than twice worldwide.

            Sony has made the 2 best selling consoles all time.

            So all your claims are false!

            How many of those 400b dollars does MS share with you? none? how many exclusive scoring above 91 have they done with that money? At least with less money Sony has given us better consoles and better exclusives.

          • lol

          • Indeed! Lol again,

        • Lol

          Almost no games and now even less.

          Keep waiting for Scorpio and pray some 3rd party developers give you great games, because M$ sure won’t.

  2. Gosh, this is a failure of a list.

    Do you guys just not care about anything but clickbait anymore?

    • sois sony as a company psvr flopped its sitting on the shelves right now.ps4 slim was a flop no one is buying it and ps4 pro is a flop at launch being the weaker console then the xbox scorpio.also the ps vita flopped.

      sony is a failure as a company

  3. One can compare which console has the best games and that’s debatable. But one can’t compare Xbox Live and PsN, cause Live is simply better. It has always been and for those who like multiplayer, that’s really something

  4. So, if I already played las gen games…LAST GEN and like to play complete new games in single player mode and real exclusives…your list is undeniable shit!

  5. that list is so bad that it even miss the _you can now pretend you like powerful hardware and keep yelling, praying and championing a system that you DON’T own and you won’t own in a year.

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