Xenoverse 2, The New Dragon Ball Game, Coming To Xbox One And PS4

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be on sale for $ 59.99 USD, but if you want a more complete experience is also the Deluxe Edition for $ 89.99 USD. This more expensive edition and includes the game, we have access to season pass (to a value of $ 29.99 USD separately), ensuring more content like episodes, characters, missions, scenarios and more in 4 downloadable packs that will arrive at a later date.

Xenoverse 2 will continue with the Destroyers of the Histories, who seeks to alter the timeline for destruction, players will have to become Troopers time in order to protect the past and the future of the world of Dragon Ball. To combat them, the Time Patrol meets in a new city called City Conton, replacing Toki Toki City.

The Conton City is a great new seven times larger city that Toki Toki City, which serves as a game center, can accommodate up to 300 players can simultaneously enter a single instance of the city, where you can search, training at school , get into fights, buy in stores, and more. Each playable race will have different prizes they can win their missions, further diversifying the experience.

The game will have a training mode called training school, many more scenarios for local multiplayer with the camera set to suit all actions on one screen. Players can import their creation (avatar) of the original game, which will play an important role in history, and in turn will have a hologram in the center of the Conton City. Throughout the city there will be mini-games where your character can participate. Some of these mini-games are unique to each race.

As the first installment, it will be an action game and fight with massive online multiplayer and RPG elements to allow players to increase the characteristics of their avatars and explore the universe of Dragon Ball.

Only going to need 13 GB free.

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