The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Known Bugs & Issues, Long Loading Times, Freezing, Mods Not Loading, And More

Having issues with Skyrim after patch 1.03? Check this post out 

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Skyrim Special Edition has just released on PS4 and Xbox One, but users are already reporting known bugs and issues already. Some are saying these issues have carried over from the PS3/Xbox 360 versions.

Known Issues & Bugs (List will be updated as we find more)

  • Missing mods
  • Freezing
  • Super long loading times
  • Infinite loading screens
  • Crashing caused by mods

If there’s any issues you are having which are not listed here please let us know in the comments section below, and we will add it to the article.

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  1. I get maybe a minute of being able to look around with the camera when I start New game then whole game goes grey and crashes, can’t even use ctrl+alt+del to end task in task manager.

  2. myself and a bunch of people on steam are all having problems with the game crashing and not working since launch at 8pm (2 1/2) hours ago. The only response from bethesdas twitter is problems with confirmation emails not being sent. nothing about this

  3. Unplayably crash-prone right now. Game will crash to desktop randomly and repeatedly. I had two crashes when using the “Another Life” mod, then three crashes with all the mods turned off in the area beneath Helgen.

    • Exactly the same experience myself. Back to the original release for me.

    • Note: Disabling the Touch Keyboard process in Windows 8 / Windows 10 seems to solve the crashing problem.

      • That doesn’t exist in desktops

        • It was running on mine. Maybe because of the graphics tablet attached?

          • Jonathan, make sure you are not running any performance enhancement software that may have come pre-installed with your laptop as these have been known to cause similar issues. An example of this would be the SynTPEnh, which is a program specific to Synaptics and Lenovo touchpad. If you can see your touchpad actions in the task bar, your have such a program and it should be forced closed in task manager.

    • I had the same error….
      =) I would love it if somebody found a fix

      • Turning off the Touch Keyboard functions in the Task Manager fixed the problem for me.

  4. i got it on PC for free…so i was happy.. its unplayable on mouse for me…and even on controller the frame rate is so terrible its disgusting…my PC crush the minimum requirments and my cpu is better than recomended and my graphics is only a little under the recomended so running on low settings should not cause this

    • So it seems to be doing the same thing as mine. Apparently according to AfterBurner, it’s only running the GPU at 135 MHz and is only using 31 MB of RAM. So far, I’ve been trying to get it to actually kick in, but to no avail. Aside from only having 7 fps on a 970 on the lowest possible settings, it seems to run OK lol

      • Okay, so it was using the 970M like it should but it was turning on power management so it never boosted the GPU clock. Changed ‘Power Management Mode’ in the Control Panel to use ‘Prefer Maximum Performance’ and everything is fine.

      • adam , its very strange cuz i also have a 970 and i can play it flawlessly maxed out no AA borderless mode , but , it wont let me connect to the mod section in-game and make the whole game CTD (crash to desktop)

    • I found that the frame rate and flashing models can be fixed by forcing the game to use your invida card instead of your integrated graphics. You just need to go to the Nvida control panel and set your global settings to use your “High Performance Nvidia Processor” and the game should run smooth at ultra..

      • Thank you I have flashing models, this should work. At least I hope it does.

    • runs flawlessly on my pc. Specs are average on mine tho. Fx8370,Gtx1080 and playing @4k(yes what i have is average at best for 4k). It runs better than the original skyrim for me.

    • Lock your FPS to 80 and the games pysicics won’t go al janky, anything over that and they break!

  5. You guys all seem to be having minor(ish) problems, but I can’t even see the game when I launch it.
    After pressing play i get the settings menu then pressing play after that continues as per usual but noting else appears. I can still see the program in task manager and steam still thinks that i’m in game as well.
    I’ve been waiting for the game to open for about half an hour now and nothing has happened, re-launching it does nothing as well so lucky me…

    • Im not even able to see the setting menu… its not shown in the tast manager aswell. I just press play and it says its running for a sec but then the game ends itself 🙁

      • Have the same issue. When you try to run the SkyrimSE.exe in your steam/skyrim folder, does it say that it’s missing files for you too?

  6. Found fix for similar issues make sure the game is using your primary graphics card and not the integrated one. Hope this helps

  7. no mods, crash to desktop. Rather amusing that Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch was released before the game, and fixes some of the issues that have been around in the normal version for years that they didn’t bother to fix for a re-release.

    • Clicking “Mods” in main menu crashes the game, glad i’m not the only one

      • Im too 🙁
        Logging you in …
        and drop out to desktop.
        I registering an account on bethesda, in site added some mods…
        but nothing…
        The problrm is same.
        firewall off, nod32 off, no connecting problems, ports opened.

  8. I have texture bugs in my game and it starts flashing whenever i move. And also when i start the game it takes like 2 minutes untill it finally loads.

  9. I got it on Steam for free..I haven’t played Skyrim in more than a year.
    The problem is, when I run the special edition one, it only shows the “Bethesda” logo and then it crashes without any other info…What to do?

    • Let it keep running for a moment. Mine did that, but figured itself out after a few moments. It’s like it tripped over a hurdle, but got back up and kept going…

  10. I bought all the dlc on steam so I could play it for 50% off.When I play on pc all the player models, trees, and animals have these grey splotches that flash across them which makes it really hard to play the game. Does any1 know of a way to fix this? Thank You

  11. I had framerate and texture issues with npcs on the new special edition to the point where it was unplayable and my computer chose low quality settings for me even tho i have high end specs. I found that i needed to force my computer to run my high performance nvidia processor with skyrim special edition through my nvidia control panel. It now chose ultra settings when optimizing my game and it runs no problem now 🙂

  12. I’m on PS4 whenever I uncover local map, when I come back or even after 30sec, sections of the fog reset and cover where I just searched. It’s really annoying because I’m a stickler for looking for everything. This needs to be fixed, I’ve stopped playing.

  13. Frame rate is impossible to play with, I have a pretty good pc and still im pulling 20 frames on low. Even worse still, all the living models and trees have flashing white spots all over them. Over all its no better than original skyrim with worse glitches.

  14. I found that the frame rate and flashing models can be fixed by forcing the game to use your invida card instead of your integrated graphics. You just need to go to the Nvida control panel and set your global settings to use your “High Performance Nvidia Processor” and the game should run smooth at ultra.

  15. I have a problem on Xbox One “the horn of jurgen windcaller” quest is glitched it shows the marker outside of the map and when I go to where the greybreads should be there is nobody there. Somebody please help

  16. When the game launches I go to the main menu, select “New Game” and then the menu saying “New Game, Continue, Add-Ons, etc.” disappears and the backdrop is all that’s there, I don’t kow if it’s just a long loading screen or or infinite loading screen since I’ve only sat around for 5 minutes, but yeah, hopefully there’s a patch, or update soon.

    • Has anyone else been having a issue with the dark brotherhood quest line for skyrim special edition on Xbox one

      • What problems, specifically, are you having? Please tell me the problem and list any mods you have downloaded (not just the ones you have enabled, but all of the mods listed in “My Library”)

        • I am having an issue as well when you have to enter the night mother’s coffin. I get in and it does the little cutscene where you’re looking at her and then hear Cicero laughing. Then that is it. I’ve been stuck waiting for a while now.

          • That is a bug from the original game. You’ll need to load a save from before you entered the hideout. It may take a couple tries, but it will work.

          • Just press T and wait for 1 hour, it worked for me.

        • Have the same problem with dark brotherhood, the 3 kills at the beginning, Beitild decided to stay outside the map, then as the Gourmet at the kitchen, I couldn’t talk to the chef I have been reloading and now I can’t leave that house, have to start a new game.

          • Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but I’ve been trying like crazy to replicate your bug so I could figure out how to fix it, but I couldn’t get it, even after intentionally loading it with conflicting mods. To be honest, I have no clue what caused what seems to actually be 2 separate and co-occurring bugs there. One of them is trigger related (talking to the chef) and the other is trigger/transition related. I wish I could help more, but I’m stumped.

        • In “The Way of the Voice” when you are in the courtyard master wulfgar gives a demonstration. All of the dialogue is correct, but here’s the problem. master borri doesn’t open the gates, wulfgar shouts but bumps into the gate and keeps running into it. Here’s the bigger issue, when I go to do it I get a black screen and have to restart skyrim to get out of it (when it goes black I can still her noises). If I don’t use my shout and slowly approach the gates it says “To” on my screen. I’m thinking the issue is that “To” acts like how you’d go into a cave, so every time I walk near the gates it takes me to the black screen. After this happened I deleted the mod “Dova Strunmah Holl” because that was the only mod I could think of that had to do with high hrothgar and the grey beards. If you could help i would be most thankful.

          My Library (load order-top to bottom):


          Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

          Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles (Xbox One)

          Shezrie’s Old Hroldan Town

          Diverse Dragons Collection XB1

          KS Hairdos Lite

          Artifacts of Skyrim [XBox]

          Kyne’s Breath – Weapon Pack (Xbox One)

          Amber Staljrim – Weapons & Armor

          The Forgotten City

          Black Mage Armor SE

          Sofia – The Funny Fully Voiced Follower

          Become a Bard

          Wet and Cold XB1

          Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

          Amber Armor & Weapons

          Blackthorn – A Buildable Town in The Rift (Xbox One)

          [XB1] Pale Marsh Manor – A Unique Player Home


          (XB1 fix)BDO Shudad Armor v2

          Dark Elven Weapons (XB1)

          [XB1] Ciri Armor Mod With Swords Female Only

          Isimeriel’s LOTR weapons (xbox)

          True Storms Special Edition [XBOX] – Rain Thunder and Weather Redone

          Frida Follower (XB1)

          The Scarlett – A Buildable Ship (Xbox One)

          Golden Egg Treasure Hunt (XB1 Special Edition)

          Gandalf The White Follower

          DaggerCraftPackage XB1

          See Pounce a-lot (Vale) Xbox One Version

          Cloaks & Capes

          Death Knight of Tamriel – XBOX version

          Northern Fur Hoods X1

          Imperial Estate

          [XB1] Withcer 3 Geralt Starting Armor Mod Male Only

          Khajiit Will Follow (XB1)

          Gimli Follower

          Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim

          colonial templar coat v2.esp

          Friends in Skyrim

          Ghost – Horker Weapons Pack

          [XB1] Corvo Armor and Sword Mod from Dishonored Male Only

          [XB1] Valiant Nord Bow

          Unique Loot XBOX1

          Legolas Follower

          Whitetail Edge – Special Edition

          Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul

          Natural Eyes

          Elvenwood (XBox One)

          [XB1] Witcher Dual Swords on Back Weapon Mod

          Dragon Claw Stands

          The Midden: Expanded XB1

          House Strong-Blood

          The Garbon Race

          Pastel Map Markers

          [Xbox One] Riverwood Lakehouse

          Belt-Fastened Quivers

          Lord of the Rings Amon Sul/ Ancient Weathertop

          Hunter’s Cabin of Riverwood XB1

          Whiterun Watch

          Legendary Creatures

          Whiterun Merchants Remastered (Xbox One)

          Gildergreen Regrown

          Bannered Mare Inn Rooms For Xbox1

          Cartable Holds Armor

          More Blood and Gore! Big: A Better Improvements for Gameplay mod (Xbox One)

          [XB1] Better Combat AI

          Glorious Crossbows of Skyrim

          Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers

          Dread born Knight Follower [XBOX]

          BIG: More Kill Moves! A Better Improvements for Gameplay mod (XB1)

          Player Home Tavern Music (XB)

          [XB1]Rich Merchants of Skyrim: Special Edition

          NPC’s Run and Walk at Your Pace XB1

          [XB1] Blackreach Railroad

          Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – RDO

          Open Cities Skyrim

          • Looking at your list of mods, I didn’t see anything specific to the location; however, you do have open cities which affects travel between areas. While I’ve never seen your particular problem before, it is possible that somehow you ended up with an error that placed an area marker there but when the gagame checks to see which area to load when you hit the trigger, it can’t find one, and thus the black area is just the game trying over and over to find information that isn’t there. Basically an infinite loading screen. As for the inappropriate actions of the greybeards, that’s not new. It was around on the original version of the game. The only way to work around it before was to load a save from before you started the quest and do something else before going to high hrothgar such as wandering aimlessly for a bit or working on another quest line. Not sure why it worked, only that it did. I did notice you have some mods that alter AI behavior. While neither of them should affect your situation, it is possible that you are again running into a bit of errant code, especially since you’re running at least 2 general AI mods. Sometimes mods are perfect on their own or work well with others 99% of the time, but sometimes they combine in weird ways when triggered by unique situations. I’d try disabling all the above mentioned mods first, but make sure the way I explained everything to you makes sense because it may make you think of something else that would change my recommendation.

      • Yes! I did the initial quest where you steal the Dark Brotherhoods kill from them, and you’re SUPPOSED to have a corier bring a note that says “We Know”. The corier has yet to show up, and it’s making me mad! You can’t join without that note being sent! This isn’t the only quest line I’ve had issues with though, I’ve only downloaded graphic mods and smithing mods, I don’t understand why some people just straight up disappear from my game…. I can’t do the dark brotherhood, I can’t get married, a couple of blacksmiths have gone MIA… idk what to do!

        • Waiting won’t do the trick here. You should fast travel to major cities that are on opposite ends of the continent. Make sure to actually enter the city. He will eventually show up.

        • Nope. You have to rent a room and sleep.

        • Did you go back and speak to the kid who performed the black sacrament after you killed Grelod? That was the part I’d forgotten. Soon as I did and fast traveled, courier showed up. Hope this helps!

    • That sounds like the issue i am getting, after some testing with my mods it is the unofficial patch that was causing the issue for me. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or if it is a different mod that doesnt work with the patch.

  17. Screen blacked out after about an hour of play and every save I load has the same problem

  18. Had to power cycle my Xbox to fix the blackout problem

  19. PC user here – interestingly enough, my surface book which has a “customized” Microsoft/Frankenstein version of the NVIDIA family of GPU has been unrecognizable to the Skyrim SE video quality editing and selection Options menu. I tested the games original version via steam and the the NVIDIA GeForce GPU does populate and defaults to High settings. However the Skyrim SE can’t seem to locate the GPU and defaults to Low settings and is basically unplayable due to lag and crap video quality. I’ve gone ahead and manually permissioned the apps Skyrim SE Launcher to default to the GPU via the NVIDIA Control Panel, however I am still having no luck running the game at anything other than a tiny windowed and very slow and bad quality version. Any more ideas?? Drivers are updated etc… unless its a Microsoft issue? Again I’m gaming on my Surface Book, i7 plenty of space and memory. Thanks!

  20. I dont have any problems with skyrim special edition at all

    • So why are you here commenting?

  21. Performance for me is excellent, save for the consistent crashes it runs great!

  22. Long loading times crashes alot

  23. All the foliage textures in the game are that light purple colour that comes with missing textures. Its kind of weird walking through a field of purple ferns…

  24. It’s constantly crashing even without any mods installed. Annoying as hell.

  25. This game cannot even be installed on Windows 7 it causes a BSOD when doing so, and the DirectX and vredist tell you their not compatible on this version of Windows (Meaning Windows 7).

    Apparently nowhere did anyone ever think it was important enough to bring up the fact that this is a windows 10 only game.

    For me, any game at the present time, that cannot be installed on Windows 7, is a game I want nothing to do with. I can see Microsoft doing this with Gears of War, but when game devs start doing that, then I hope they barley get any monetary gain due to piracy.

    • Some game devs do that cause of the support the new OS offers like Directx12. They want to use full use of the OS and hardware on the system.

    • Matthew they drop support as it’s cheaper for them to just support newer operating systems which also provide newer tech(Like dx12) and longer support from os developers(in this case, Microsoft)

  26. There is this bug to where you float in place and Can’t move. No idea how to fix it. I’m play on Xbox one btw

  27. I’m on Xbox and my sprint doesn’t work. Game is beautiful but I feel like I’m in slow motion… more annoying than anything else

    • Make sure you look on the controller settings:
      Run = walk (WTF)
      Sprint = sprint
      dont confuse run with sprint

  28. When I try to either save or load a game I get a message saying “The save/load operation failed”. So I can’t save or load the game.

    • I keep getting this too! Did you manage to fix it?

      • Yeah it was an issue with one of the mods I uninstalled and re-installed the game but deleting some of your mods should work. Don’t disable because that wont do anything you will have to actually delete them.

        • Do you happen to remember which mod it was causing this issue?

  29. When learning the final word of fus ro da in high hrothgar wulfgar the guy in supposed to learn it from is not in high hrothgar and he it shows a marker at the bottom of the mountain but he is not there please help

    • Happens with many NPCs as well. When I went to turn in (or find) different NPCs the quest objective (Location marker) can be outside of the skyrim border, or in a field – but the npc is not there. (Nor are they in there regular areas)

      • Any way to fix this

        • Had the same issue, had to find him glitched in some random mountain. The way i fixed it was i had to fight him till he gets downed, then ran away so I could fast travel. Fast travelled back to High Hrothgar and waited 24 hours. He then appeared inside the builiding and I could learn the word

        • I haven’t found a way yet. Been searching the besoft forums, etc. and still nothing mate, sorry

    • Same thing happened to me. The icon to refurn the horn to Areingar was at the bottom of the map, so I traveled down there and I actually found borri, just chillin outside the invisible wall, and Areingar was up the mountain quite a bit. The first playthrough(attempt) When the greybeards would want to yell at you, the prompt to stand in the middle was there, but master borri was missing, so the event wouldn’t happen. I restarted a new character and then met the problem I said before. I really hope they patch this bc I was super excited to see a beautiful(it’s really pretty) skyrim on XBone

  30. Is it a way I can change the default controls on the ps4 special edition.

  31. NPCs disappearing as well. (Will show multiple locations on the map and objective location top-middle bar as well). The locations can be beyond the skyrim border, or the middle of a field – but the quest NPC is not there

  32. Whiterun had low resolution water all over it. Closing the game and reloading worked, but would like a more permanent solution as far as tweaking ini’s and so forth

  33. i press play on the launcher and it does nothing, but in steam it says the game is running. wtf..

  34. For of War keeps resetting on PS4.

  35. For some reason I can’t even unlock the new shouts and words I get with the dragon souls I’ve collected, what gives? This has never been a problem before and I’ve downloaded the unofficial patch mod to help out, but it refuses to work that part for me.

    • Same problem here let me know if you got it resolved

  36. I am part of the PC players of Skyrim, and had my copy as a gift from Steam. However, on the main menu of the new Skyrim if I move the options around (New, Load, Options etc) the texts become over-layered on themselves, even the side pop-up for start a new game has 4 boxes. then when I actually start the game, all I get is the logos and titles, then the sound dialogue. I can see anything. Im a bit disappointed as I was excited to see the changes and try out all the features this edition had to offer but I cant due to this bug.

  37. Breezehome’s option to buy a dining room disappeared after purchasing a kitchen. It will not reappear even after closing the game, reloading the save, sleeping for 24 hours and trying again. I am using v1.02 on PS4 with no mods ever used.

    • To clarify, the option to decorate still exists, yet the dining room option is no longer available, and my home still lacks a dining room.

  38. I’m on Xbox and I literally can’t even open the game anymore.It displays the Bethesda logo, loads for a bit, and then crashes, I can’t load any of my saves, start a new game, or even see these options before it crashes

  39. My game loads fine,but it takes a few minutes.Then,all of the characters and trees have flashing blue or gray spots everywhere.Any idea how to fix this?

  40. Please someone help me i got it free on pc so when I got it i created a account and i put everything in there it said to do then it sent me to conferm it on my email and i did that and it worked but when i jump back in to the game and go to mods it brings up thr screen to login and I do that but it says it my username or password are not correct and i can’t get my mods its very frustrating i have tried everything please help me

  41. Same here Thomas

  42. Anyone else having issues with the “Liberation of Skyrim” mission? I beat battle for Whiterun and it’s telling me to report to Ulfric. But I’m not getting any opinions to continue the mission, the Whiterun Military Camp is still on the map with Ralof still there and Jarl Balgruuf is back on the thorn at Whiterun. I’m so confused…

  43. My main problem is that it’s super slow….but then again I don’t have a spiffy gaming laptop/computer so that might be it? Anything I can do to ya know…make it run just a bit better? My original Skyrim runs perfectly…way better than the SE.

  44. I had 2 NPCs glitch out of my game. One was for a miscellaneous quest for the drunk guy in whiterun. and the marker points him out in some random mountain but I can’t find him. The 2nd person to disappear was during a dark brotherhood mission, I killed the people on my contract, and am supposed to report back to Muiri for my payment. Well, she’s gone out of the game like down below where you can’t even walk towards. Under the whole skyrim map on the map. I’m unable to continue any dark brotherhood missions without her anymore. Pointer points her far down below markarth and falkreath

    • I had the same issue for the same quest. Only my map shows Muiri being far, far to the north, well beyond the game border. Also had the same issue with Arngier when going to return the windcaller horn to him. The marker shows him being far, far south. That makes both the main quest and Dark Brotherhood questlines unplayable.

      • Bethesda said this game will be “as is”. No patches; however, (on PS4) I had this problem with the “Mourning Never Comes” quest in the dark brotherhood quest line. Muiri spawned off the map far to northwest. I had a similar problem on another quest on PS3. In both instances, I found that deactivating the quest and pursuing another quest line for a while seemed to work. Eventually the NPC will spawn where they are supposed to. Just check back every once in a while to see where they are.

  45. I have it on Xbox One, after modding my pc version I got an Xbox One, I downloaded mods and played for a couple of days, now it loads and when it gets to the press any button bit, it crashes and takes me to the Xbox menu, I don’t want to uninstall but I think I might have to.

  46. Know what’s absolutely bang on fantastic. Glitches from the old skyrim carried OVER. They didn’t fix nothing, example is Meridia’s quest. A common bug on that one is not quest marker for finding her beacon. Surprise, it’s still there.

  47. When I play the game all characters have these grey moving squares going all over the body. Anyone any idea how I can fix this?

  48. The game runs perfectly fine for me, and after maybe 10-15 minutes of playing it just crashes out of nowhere. No warning, no error, no nothing. My computer continues to work normally, the game just crashes. I really don’t have any idea what’s going on.
    My specs:
    gtx 970
    32GB memory
    asus MG248q

    • I have the same problem with you. The game just crashes after 10 to 15 minutes for no reason.

      • i went back and i capped the game at 60fps then 110fps (just trying to push for 144fps for my monitor’s refresh rate) and the game seems to be playing fine, no crashes. I run into infinite loading screens now, but other than that its playable. i did this using nvidiainspector. it seems the game doesn’t like to play higher than 60fps (even though 110fps is pretty much fine). too bad for Skyrim at 144Hz though…

  49. I have bee doing quests and my quest markers keep telling me that the people I need to go to are on the edge of the map and it’d farther put than what I can go. The people disappear from where they are supposed to be also.

    • This is is happening to me also but for The Dainty Sload quest and the Tending The Flames quest.

  50. I use the open Skyrim cities mod and was working great at first but all the sudden parts and roofs of building have diappeared and I’ve tried updating my load order as best as possible but can’t seem to get a fix. I even tried starting a new character but this time it happened right away instead of acting fine for a couple hours first. Anyone else have this issue?

  51. It crashes when trying to load into the mod screen, right after I enter my details.

    • This is happening with me, i had a corrupted file so i deleted all my save game data and reinstalled it on xbox one and now I can play the vanilla game just fine but to click onto the mod screen all I get is a black screen with the music playing in the background..what is happening??

  52. Hey I’ve been having a problem with the quest NPCs. They will end up spawning outside the map, is there a fix or is there a patch coming out later for this?

    • Bethesda said this game will be “as is”. No patches; however, (on PS4) I had this problem with the “Mourning Never Comes” quest in the dark brotherhood quest line. Muiri spawned off the map far to northwest. I had a similar problem on another quest on PS3. In both instances, I found that deactivating the quest and pursuing another quest line for a while seemed to work. Eventually the NPC will spawn where they are supposed to. Just check back once in a while to see where they are.

      • This same thing happened to me on the mission Dampened Spirits where I need to go talk to Maven Black-Briar, but what happens is that she spawns at the base of a mountain. I have been to where she would space normaly and to where is says to go on the map and nothing happens.

        • Play another (unrelated) quest line for a while (couple of days in real time) and then check to see if she spawns back where she’s supposed to. Even if she doesnt, there is another trigger later in the game that resets her spawn point as the jarl’s house in Riften after you negotiate the truce between the imperials and stormcloaks to fight Balduin.

  53. So, I play it on Xbox One, and I am have found 2 bugs. I have no mods loaded nor downloaded.
    1 bug that is REALLY bugging me is a bug during the quest “Alduin’s Wall” where after all the puzzles inside Karthspire, there is the big statue head, and yet only Delphine is standing there, no Esbern.
    This is stopping me from progressing through the story. I have tried waiting numerous amounts of times and still no success. Another bug I have found is the Argonian in Riften that sell’s Jewellery named “Madesi” has randomly spawned COMPLETELY outside the map, he way out to the right of the entire map beyond the mountains. Please if you either know a way to fix atleast 1 of these bugs reply or if you are having the same problem reply, just so I know this isn’t just me.

  54. What, no ones mentioned various broken questlines? – I seriously doubt it, why’ve you not included it?. Riften, Falkreath, Whiterun – several quests in all of them incomolete with NPC’s missing or unreachable. Piece of nonsense. If I knew I was paying forthe same game with the same crap I wouldn’t of bothered. Pure and utter money grabbing laziness on Bethesda’s part.

  55. When I try to go to Windhelm the game freezes if I disable all mods then it doesn’t freeze but I need my mods and am playing on Xbox one

    • Same here but for me it’s Riften……it’s sooooo ducking annoying

      • as soon as i approach windhelm (on the bridge leading to the city gate) the game starts lagging and crashes (in a span of 10seconds). i found a workaround using a spell from phendrix evolved, to teleport to windhelm, this did work (by then i already disabled; open cities, lanterns of skyrim, barenziah questmarkers, and basically every other mod which changes anything in windhelm). to my surprise it worked. i could walk around windhelm, except it was mostly devoid of life. havent tried to enter any buildings. when i tried to exit through the main gate the game crashes in the loading screen.

        when i fast travel from within windhelm, to kynesgrove, and try to ft back, the game crashes.

        this is a real pain..
        i havent tried fastvtraveling to the palace of kings, nor to enter any buildings. i will give updates on that tomorrow.

        does anyone have any idea what causes this?

    • I have that problem too but for Solitude… 🙁

  56. Modded NPCs have weird green and purple grid lines over their face. I’m on PS4 by the way.

    • Unfortunately with this problem, it usually ends up being an issue with people who enable mods after starting a game where the mod data is conflicting with vanilla data in the game file. Starting over with the mods enabled at the beginning will usually help, but just to make sure, delete (not just disable) and redownload the mod(s) before you begin. Also, try not to have too many mods affecting the NPCs, as a lot of them use some of the same files. Finally, mods affecting NPCs should be near the bottom of your load order.

  57. Does anyone have an issue with Delphine disappearing? She is there after I show with the Dragonstone but after that, she is gone. After i got the mysterious letter and went to try and find her, the marker pointed me far off the side of the map and she wasn’t at the inn? anyone have this issue

  58. PS4- liberate Skyrim questline, there’s no dialogue option for reporting to Ulrich Stormcloak after taking Whiterun.

  59. Once I turn in the horn to the greybeards, they teach me the word of power “dah” then tell me to stand between them and listen to their greeting, but they don’t do anything. Only 3 out of the 4 greybeards are standing there, and I can’t find the other one anywhere. I’ve tried disabling all PS4 mods and reloaded to previous saves, but the same thing keeps happening. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  60. I have no sound at all not even on the main menu please help on Xbox one and have mods on

  61. I’m being limited to X amount of mods rather than X amount of space for mods on ps4. I can delete mods and then download the number of mods I deleted, and then it blocks me again. Needless to say, I’m more than a little pissed about this.

  62. MAJOR issues with black “pixels” spreading on screen. Starts out as small black box somewhere on the game, then if i move they spread throughout the screen and will take up the whole screen until everything is cover in black. only thing that shows is the compass and i think the start/options screen if you open it up. will not go away. Im playing on PS4. Please help me I’m so desperate for an answer=( P.S. It is not my tv, its only when i play skyrim special edition.

    • I just bough this for my son and it is having the same issue, did you ever find a fix?

  63. I can’t apply any of my absorbed dragon souls to the shouts. I have 3 and the game thinks I have none. I’m on PS4. Anyone else experiencing this?

  64. I’m on PS4, and the game freezes when I try to fast travel. It doesn’t even get to loading screen, it crashes before it.

  65. I bought the house in Windhelm and when I decorate it and go back to my house the screen turns black. How do I shut off mods or patches or whatever the gamestop dude was saying.

    • When you first start the game, where it says continue, new game, etc…., go to mods. Once you’re logged in to, look at the bottom of your screen and press the button that corresponds to “load order”. Then press the button for disable all.

      • Thanks man

      • Whenever I press the load order button nothing happens.

  66. Freezes and crashes in various dungeons. Can’t progress any further with the Mages at Saarthal after first encounter with the Psiijic order the game freezes stutters and crashes. :

  67. When I put disk in it says I have to be online witch you dont, or disk read error and all other games load just fine

  68. It takes me 10 Plus times of eject disk to get game going

    • That is definitely a hardware problem. Get a new disc.

  69. *Everyone be very wary of which mods you download and use.* Unfortunately, anyone and everyone seems to be trying their hand at making mods for this game, and some of them have no clue what they’re doing. Their mods WILL screw up your game. Look for mods with high ratings and lots of downloads. That being said, I’ll try to share the basics about load order with mods. There are exceptions, of course, but generally speaking, the more things a given mod will affect, the higher it should be in the load order. For instance, a mod that affects every spell in the game would be higher than one which only affects a single item. It’s usually a good idea to avoid getting 2 mods for the same thing unless they both specifically say they are compatible with one another as they will use the same data files and that can cause game breaking conflict. If you do find some that are compatible, again follow the specificity guideline. The one that affects more stuff goes higher in the order. Avoid using more than one mod that offers access to the “qasmoke test room” Just allowing you access to this “room” may not be a good idea. This area was NOT meant to be accessed on consoles. This area is where the game draws assets from and so taking the wrong things can break your game when something doesn’t show up like it’s supposed to because you took it from the room. Just accessing it can crash your game in some cases.

  70. Idk what it is, but ever since I installed patch 1.03, my game began having frequent crashes. I’m on PS4.

  71. Multiple NPCs/Questgivers have been disappearing from my game. Characters like Mjoll, Bolli, Danica, Sam etc. Talen-Jei disappeared at one point too and it was whenever I had Flawless Amethysts in my inventory to give to him for his wedding ring, but I fixed it by storing them in the Bee and Barb, exiting the game, reloading it and then giving the jewels to him when he reappeared.
    But yeah, all my quest markers are beyond the Skyrim borders or on the sides of mountains that I can’t get up. I’m playing on PS4 and I’m playing with a number of mods, but they’re all highly rated, popular mods.

  72. I don’t even have the mods menu to attempt to add mods to begin with

    • Which platform are you playing on?

  73. Starting last night I’ll try to fast travel to certain locations (primarily happens when traveling to whiterun) and the game will crash. Anyone else having this issue?

  74. Playing on ps4 game randomly crashes without using mods it happens quite frequently making the game impossible play very annoyed I will be playing it on the ps3 until it is sorted.

  75. a lot of characters and enemies alike are not moving and start floating and go higher and higher before falling to their death

  76. I can’t seem to trade with my companions, the option us there but it’s not working.
    is anyone getting the same bug?

  77. I can’t seem to get the thieves guild quest loud and clear to start on ps4. Everything i follow brynjolf into the cistern I get attacked for trespassing and all brynjolf now says is hmm

  78. the word of power Arcwind point bug a old bug i had even on the first skyrim 🙁

  79. Most of my quest lines work fine in the game no gitches or anything. But at the moment I’m in whiterun doing my smithing which is like at 62 and after I craft like two pieces of armour or weapons it freezes and says that was an error in the fallowing application.

  80. On my Xbox One..Fighting the dragon before Alduin in Sovngarde.. game all of a sudden freezes but skips at the same time, very glitchy like… music skips loudly… and it seems to happen in the same spot every time… help!!

  81. anyone else have the bug where npc’s refuse to move during quests, because its seriously ridiculous, you have to wait (in game) 1 hour everytime, then run over to where they would normally stop and talk to you, then wait again and move wait and move etc… really annoying since every quest requires some sort of npc movement, the jarl of whiterun tried walking over to the court wizard and instead stood on his throne…

  82. When I turn my character in 1st and 3rd person it doesn’t turn smoothly and just stutters as if I was looking at a flip book while turning, its small but it is bloody annoying

  83. Ive been playing the game without difficulty for a few days. During my session today, characters stopped moving. I can interact with them but none of them move around. My mod list from first to load to last is Unnoficial patch, alternative start, apocalypse-magic of skyrim, Phenderix magic evolved (downloaded this aftr the problem happened), Ordinator-perks of skyrim, the apocalypse/ordinator compatibility patch, and immersive citizen. I have already tried disabling immersive citizen and found that there was no change. Any help would be appreciated

    • Caeden: When you enter an area and the game loads it, do you see a quick blink where the screen is entirely white right before it actually opens the area and shows your character?

  84. How do you fix the load screens and the Brynjolf hmmm bug?

  85. I’ve done two quests to get a house in a city, but I can’t buy them. I done the riften “drug dealer” quest, and I can’t ask to help with anything.

    I then went to Windhelm and done the “Blood on the Ice” quest (the moraly correct way) and I can’t purchase the house. I definitely CANNOT do the whiterun thane quest, as I have Live another life installed. I don’t think that not makes any difference to what I’m trying to do. I chose the vampire option. If this can be answered please do.

  86. I finished destroying Whiterun in the Stormcloak quest line then when I go to do the first liberation of skyrim it isn’t a option when talking to Ulfric and when going to Whiterun Balgruuf is still Yarl. This is also not letting em advance in the Companions quest line.

  87. Every time I go into my weapons in my inventory, and try to scroll down even once, my game crashes. I think it might have something to do with the light saber mod that I downloaded, then deleted without removing the sabers from my inventory. I could be wrong, but this is a big problem can someone help!!!

  88. Literally anytime I go into books my game crashes

  89. When taking over forts all Npcs spawns in eachother, unable to move or take arrow damage.
    it causes major lagg and ruins the gameplay :/

  90. Does anyone have bugs with house building?When I go to decorate the inside on the haajmar hall (house from dawnstar jarl)I go to the workbench and build some items ( desks,chests etc) then I leave the house.When I go back to the same workbench in the house it has the same items reappeared on the menu and when I click to build an item that I have already built to build it again it consumes the resources but it doesn’t build anything.How I can fix this?

  91. Skyrim Special Edition Bugged Quests!!!! Cant Progress!!! Xbox One
    I am trying to do both the main quest line and the dawnguard dlc quest line but for some reason once I completed the dawnguard quest “Touching the Sky” I can no longer proceed to the final quest in the dawnguard story and also the same thing is happening in the main quest line and after the part when I first unlock Sky Heaven Temple I again can no longer receive the next quest and my game progression has halted due to this. Anyone know how to fix this

  92. Anyone else having issues in riften..its been terrible for me.. can’t even get through the front gates without a crash

  93. in the beginning after alduin shouts at you my character wont stand up to run to the watchtower and all of the sounds are there but my character wont stand up

  94. I’m having a problem where my pc game is glitching out.. there are flashing white patches on all the npcs including animals and myself. It’s really annoying and it breaks the immersion. Please help!

  95. I’m having a problem where all the NPCs are stuck in the stance position as well as my character, I can move and use my weapons but cant see my weapons or arms when doing so, I have mods but I have gone through and gotten ride of the ones that could cause it. Anyone know what to do??

  96. Within the reluctant steward quest the npc I need to find spawns outside of the map so I cant finish the quest. I am ps4 and have no way of finishing or fixing the quest. Its also too late to load an old save. This problem has been with the game from the original version.

  97. I finished a quest and went to start another one only to find out I can’t talk or interact with anyone and I can’t take items from people I’ve killed I tried starting a new game but I only ran into the same problem when trying to get armor to put on while escaping and not being able to interact with the npc

  98. Arcwind Point is STILL BUGGED… any idea if they’re going to port the old High Hrothgar – Arcwind POint Fix Mod to PS4?

  99. I can’t learn my first shout in the game with mods activated.

  100. I just bought a copy, inserted disc, and finished initial install/updates, when i then clicked start game it has been giving me an installing game screen. With no other software running on it, for about 2 hrs+ the amount installed bar has been stuck at 4.8k mb (roughly 37% done) with no change

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