Titanfall 2 Releases This Week With Little Buzz, Could It Be A Sign Of Bad Sales?

For those who don’t know, Titanfall 2 is coming out this week, the next installment of the FPS that came out on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, but this time it also comes out on the PS4. But it doesn’t feel like it.

Respawn, the developer behind the game, has made some drastic changes in the game, one of those is a single-player campaign, which was requested since the first game, was also requested, from the PS4 community, for the game to come out on their console, which the developers were happy with that decision made by EA. But not all changes were that accepted by others.

What happened to the hype?

The game was received with open arms when it was announced, and having a campaign made things much better for the community, of course not everyone was happy that the game isn’t a Xbox One and PC exclusive, a lot of fanboys felt like they were betrayed by the developers by releasing it on Sony’s console. Drew McCoy, one of the developers behind TitanFall 2, posted a tweet with an image of the PS4 version of the game, and made the fanboys mad about it. To me, there’s no problem with the game being in every platform. the developer earns more money and makes gamers from all platforms happy.

But that might not be a reality, with the launch closing in, there’s hasn’t been much talk about it on major gaming sites, like IGN, GameSpot and Eurogamer. The developers have been too silent, only releasing a few trailers. One of the reasons was because the attention went all for Battlefield 1, unlike Titanfall 2, is based during the first World War and, in this generation where we’re overwhelmed by futuristic shooters like Call of Duty, fells fresh and new, something gamers haven’t tried for quite a while. Battlefield 1 is a game that many gamers wanted, an immersive shooter during an historical event, being in the shoes of a soldier fighting in a war.

Even if a lot of futuristic games out in the market, I think that Call of Duty will overshadow Titanfall 2. Both games are coming out for all platforms, and both had their own betas. Both had recieved negative and positive critics about it, but in the end, Call of Duty goes on top, only because it has an already established fanbase, from all platforms, while Titanfall was only exclusive for the Xbox One and PC.

The Technical Test, a “beta” of sorts left a bitter taste on most gamers. It’s supposed to give feedback on some technical issues it might add, but was mostly considered a “normal” beta. The gamers felt that the movement wasn’t as fast as in the first game, making close quarters combat felling overly chaotic, even the Titan movement felt slow than before. Another issue is the lack of predictability, having players getting randomly killed, and not relying on skill. Respawn made these changes to make the newcomers fell more confortable playing the game, but for those who played since the first game weren’t happy.

The first game, despite lacking a lot of content, was a solid entry of a new franchise that could, one day, become established. It wasn’t a system seller in 2014 when it was released, but it got a lot of positive reactions from the gamers and when there weren’t that many shooters in the beggining of the generation, Titanfall was considered, by many, the best shooter on Xbox One yet.

I might be wrong, Titanfall 2 did recieved a lot of positive reviews, which could change some gamers’ minds, but there were many games that got good reviews and ended up being bad games.

Leave your comments down below and tell us if you’re thinking about buying Titanfall 2. The game comes out October 28th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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