5 Reasons Why Gamers Should Be Supporting The PS4 Pro & Xbox Scorpio

At E3 2016, both Sony and Xbox announced their new consoles. Sony announced that they would be bringing us the PS4 Pro and Xbox announced to us that they would be bringing us the Xbox Scorpio. However a lot of gamer’s aren’t sure whether they like the idea of Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro and aren’t sure whether to support the idea or not. I will be giving 5 reasons why gamers should support Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro.

1. Better Graphics

Both the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio have been confirmed to have upgraded graphics. It is confirmed that both will have up-scaling and 4K support for both games and video streaming. This means that both consoles will allow a better gaming experience with better quality, however the quality upgrades will only be available to you if you have a supported TV that can output 4K, otherwise you will receive whatever your TV can output.

2. More Powerful

Both the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio will both have upgraded processors built into them. This means that your’re favorite games will run and play better on the console. A better processor also means that it will be easier for both Sony and Xbox to give 4K output. A more powerful console means that we can see better games in the future and we can get a much better gaming experience.

3. Virtual Reality Compatibility

The PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio will both have Virtual Reality compatibility. This means that both of the upcoming consoles will support the use of Virtual Reality. It is pretty clear that the PS4 Pro will support Sony’s own Virtual Reality headset, the PSVR, but we are still unsure what we will see for the Xbox Scorpio. Some people are assuming that Microsoft will partner with Oculus Rift, but we aren’t for certain yet. We will probably find out more about it closer towards the time of the release.

4. To Show Console Developers That Gamers Want 4K Gaming

With PC gamers having the ability to play games in 4K, console gamers are at a disadvantage. This is because as of right now, there isn’t a console to support 4K quality or games. However, the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio would support and allow this. If people support these two consoles and but them, it would show that both console and game developers that gamers are interested in the ability to game in 4K. This means we have a bigger chance of receiving 4K consoles in the future and the possibility that game developers will produce their games in 4K.

5. Current Gen Consoles Are Already Out Of Date

We need to be supporting the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio because current gen consoles (Xbox One and PS4) are already out of date. This is because PC gamers already have 4K gaming/60 FPS and have plans to increase to 8K gaming, whilst console gamers are still gaming in the highest of 1080p. Current gen consoles are also at the stage where they are currently unable to run games properly at 1080p/60 FPS and sometimes struggle to even reach this. With PC gamers already at an advantage to console gamers, console gamers need something big.

Those were just a few reasons as to why gamers should be supporting the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio. With the PS4 Pro releasing on November 10th 2016 with the Xbox Scorpio having an unconfirmed release date, although reports suggest that is will be released in the holiday season in 2017. Let us know what your thoughts of both these consoles are and if you are getting one in the comments down below.

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  1. I’m really excited about the Xbox Scorpio, my big problem with the Xbox One is I think it’s under powered when using the dashboard, Its not very responsive, it’s fine when playing a game however.

  2. I already pre-ordered the PS4 pro, as for the Microsoft Scorpio console, because it’s MS, I really need to see an actual finished product, MS are well known for making grand claims that are nowhere to be found when it is expected to be released.

    • have fun with it overheating here it is a paris week overheating,freezing and shutting down.


      • Wow, that video must have gotten your tiny Microsoft lovin’ heart all a flutter.

        Still, I’ll take a company that delivers over Microsoft, the kings of vaporware.

        • wow pure fanboy…lmao the truth is right there .

          as far as great companies go sony is a complete failure as a company.ps vita faild,psvr has failed and ps4 pro is a failure already.id rather go with acompany like xbox that has a $400b company like ms behind it….lmao

          • Fanboy?!? Please, $400b company?!? Not from selling weak and vaporware consoles. I love how Xbox “fans” bring up the profits and value of a company that has been an illegal monopoly in the PC space for 30 plus years, interesting that when Microsoft has to ACTUALLY compete on a level playing ground that they are just serial failures,
            Phones, Android handed them their a$$, and consoles are no different, Scorpio is vaporware bait with no exclusives , if it actually gets released it will be a miracle.

          • fanboy…lmao

          • Whatever, chode.

  3. the ps4 pro is having overheating issues.why 2 weeks before launch no commercials,no articles there isnt even a set up at stores like best buy.if you want proof google ps4 pro overheating and watch the paris week video.

    i also linked it below.

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