Skyrim Special Edition Is Literally Unplayable On PC

Many users are reporting that they can’t play Skyrim Special Edition on PC because there’s so many issues with the game. The biggest issue is the game is constantly crashing for users, but that’s just the start of the issues. Users on PC are reporting that the framerate is constantly dropping as well as stuttering issues.

Bethesda has not acknowledged these issues yet, and have only just finished fixing an issue with creating accounts to download mods. Now that issues has been fixed, it’s likely Bethesda will look into these PC issues.

Are you having any issues with Skyrim Special Edition on PC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. PC “Master Race”, they say

  2. wont even start, hit play and crash

  3. CtD about every 15 min or so. My old modded 4k Texture Skyrim looks better anyways, just gonna play around with it for a while.

  4. you need to disable touch keyboard process for winodws in task manager to stop the crashes.

    • —-READ THIS—-For anyone who sees this, I did what this dude said and I have been playing for nearly 2 hours and no crashes. Coming from somone whos game was crashing every 15 mins.—-READ THIS—–

      • **UPDATE** Played for 6 hours straight and no crashes seems like a legit fix and for anyone who wants to know I have mods on as well.

      • Read what? What is this? There is nothing for anyone to read and no link to a topic…Way to go!

        • Lol they’re talking about the comment they replied to…seems pretty obvious to me.

        • idiot.

    • Disable the service and be done with it 🙂

    • Thanks, I’ll give that a try tonight.

      • Edit, just tried this, got a straight 45 minutes of play out of the game without a crash, so it seems to be working for me. Recommended it to a friend who was having the same problem.

    • Can you be more specific? I’m seeing two Touch Keybaord and Handwriting….processes.

      How the hell did you even come to this conclusion? ;P

      • I disabled them all, I don’t use a writing peripheral or anything like that so yea.

        • But what is the exact name of the process i have to disable?
          I can’t find it

          • you need to disable touch keyboard process for winodws in task manager

          • But i can’t find it and i have windows 7.

    • How do you disable it? I have found what you are talking about, but just do not see the disable button

      • Right click it and hit “End Task”

      • Under Task Manager—>Services, find it on the list, right click, and select “Stop Service”.

        You can also run “msconfig” to disable it from starting up in the first place. Make sure to reboot.

    • SERIOUSLY, this fixed my issues. I got a good 4 hours in before my laptop battery almost died.
      The daughter decided to unplug my AC adapter while i was hoarding cheese.

    • @disqus_SMGC1mitFn:disqus

      Stop spreading partially false and incorrect information. People having crashes are going to look for any possible solutions and they will no doubt find your reply which will not and does not work for everyone because there is no such thing as a touch keyboard process for a desktop.

      How about before posting that type of nonsense reply, you first explain that you’re playing on a laptop so people on a desktop don’t waste their time.

      • You need to disable this service:
        Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service
        Für die Deutsch-sprachigen Freunde hier:
        Auf deutsch heißt der dienst:
        Dienst für Bildschirmtastatur und Schreibbereich

      • You may actually be able to sue who ever dropped you on your head as a child…..look into that.

        Desktop windows 10 pro…..sooooo?

      • And im on a Windows 10 PC.

      • It’s a Windows process. Windows is software. A “desktop” is hardware. It’s running – it’s an OS designed with a touch screen in mind, so many processes like this run by default, regardless of how one’s machine is built.

      • I disabled that very running process on my desktop. It was there, running by default.

        Sadly, it wasn’t to fix my crashing issues – “crashing” is such a vague problem, any number of things can contribute to it. I’m just happy that while certain people complain endlessly, others still are trying to legitimately help.

      • 1. On Windows 10 Pro Desktop, we have the Touch/Handwriting option and it can be seen in Task Manager.

        2. As unrelated to the game as it sounds, Grant’s solution actually worked for me as well.

      • Yes, it is in fact included in windows 10. You can use it for touchscreen displays and also use it to display a on screen keyboard you can use with the mouse. The information is valid for windows 10 users. Still it runs like a chunky pile of Bethesda shit, as usual.

    • It is off for me and yet I still get freezing on the logo.

    • I did this and it worked! For those of you confused: disable BOTH ‘touch keyboard’ processes.

    • Definitely solved my crashes! As a wacom tablet user, this service doesn’t affect your drawing abilities, so I’d say just disable the service entirely through the task manager services tab under TabletInputService: touch keyboard and handwriting panel services. You won’t need them unless you use a touchscreen monitor. 🙂

    • This worked! You’re a God among men!

  5. Can confirm.. Stuttering making unplayable.

  6. When I am playing it would randomly crash every 20 minutes in game. 7TH TIME IN A ROW… I can’t play it, and thats not even mentioning the fps drops

  7. Mine runs completely fine. I play on Ultra Settings, Get 55-60 FPS, Having the time of my life!!!!………………………until it randomly crashes to desktop for no reason at all. I can be in main menu, pause menu, combat, waiting, trading, and it just shuts off. and i have to save every 2 mins to keep my place just in case.

    • Yup exactly the same here. I was just playing for about half an hour and though “Hey, maybe it’s fine now”… Then it crashed

    • Yip same here. Just cuts straight out to desktop.

    • It took me 2 hours to make it outside. I thought to save, thank goodness, as it immediately crashed.

  8. Downloaded it and started new game.. Stuck on the emblem.. I used to command coc Whiterun first time it didn’t work then typed it in again and I was in but I can’t do anything since I can’t start the first quest…

  9. All I see is the animated Bethesda logo screen, before it immediatly crashes without any error message. Great work…

  10. The game launches and all there is for me is a black screen, won’t change..

  11. my game doesnt even start, just crashes….

  12. game loads bit major frame rate issues and it stutters like crazy making it unplayable. This is what you get when Bethesda use old game engines. They did the same with Fallout 4. Do you remember when Skyrim first launched? It was a terrible console port and most pc gamers couldn’t play it. If the next Elder Scrolls uses the same game engine I wont even bother buying it.

  13. Once pressing play on the launcher, it closes for a moment, and opens the launcher again, tried verifying, reinstalling, checked drivers, rebooting. Standard Skyrim won’t launch either.

  14. Haven’t even made it past the dragon at the beginning and 3 crashes.

  15. I have a gtx 970 and it is dropping to 30 when ti can run at 60.

    also crashing is a huge issue

  16. Its Terrible, I’ve got a pretty high end pc but the framerate is between 12 and 2 on both low and ultra and sometimes it just randomly crashes for no reason, i’ve got no mods and I’ve use both steam validation and nexus sweep for loose files and nothing! Please help!

    • make sure you aren’t using integrated graphics in the NVidia control panel

  17. Mine doesn’t even open. I click on the title, the Steam Pop-up says Skyrim Special Edition is opening, but then nothing happens. I see it switch briefly in the Game Library to ‘syncing’ before it just shuts down.

    • mine to

    • Mine on Steam tries to install the Microsoft Visual C redistributable package… and that’s it: the installation/launch prompt closes by itself eventually, without having done a thing. =/

    • same here

  18. When I started up, it checked my computer and automatically configured the settings to ultra, so I thought I would be ok. I got to the character creation part, and in the middle of making a new character, it crashed. I manually reset settings to high, figuring my computer overestimated itself, but the same thing happened again, twice. I finally got past making my character and was running through the tunnels to get out of Helgen when it crashed a fourth time. I was getting pretty frustrated, but didn’t want to give up, so I set it to low and tried once more (tbh the only difference I noticed in visual quality was that antialiasing was off). I still didn’t make it out of Helgen before the fifth crash, and I finally decided that it’s the game’s fault, not my computer’s. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, but until it does, I’ll reset my settings to ultra (because that’s clearly not the problem) and save often.

  19. It’s f*cking garbage… you can’t describe it differently…

  20. When I play on pc all the player models, trees, and animals have these grey splotches that flash across them which makes it really hard to play the game. Does any1 know of a way to fix this? Thank You

    • I have exactly the same problem. Also, the FPS runs at a hideous chug of 12-20 no matter what I do. I can run Fallout 4 on max settings with a pretty consistent 55 FPS, but SSE’s on lowest settings and has all these gross problems…

      • I’m the same as you Katie. My rig eats Fallout 4 for breakfast. I tried running Skyrim SE which actually has slightly lower recommended systems requirements, at the lowest settings, almost wet myself laughing at the fail that followed and went back to something made by a game studio that actually gives poop.

        • Same problem, its like all the people have a disco ball on them, I’m running a gtx 970 and on ultra it gets like 7 fps and on low like 17, rather confused.

          • I’m running a GTX980M and it’s as if the game is using the integrated card from my last machine and emailing the results over.

          • Try going to NVIDIA control panel >> Manage 3D Settings and set preferred graphics processor to High-Performance Nvidia Processor, and disable vertical sync.

          • Tried this and it runs fine now. So it was using my integrated graphics for some reason.

          • what mod warrior said not only got rid of the grey stuff I also went from 10fps on low to 60 on ulltra

          • you sir are a hero

          • still have disco balls
            any other suggestions?

          • Mod-Warrior’s solution literally solved all of my problems, absolute champ

          • Yup running a gtx960m which admittedly isn’t the best but does fine and im getting a consistent 5 fps no matter what I do.

          • I went to the NIVIDIA control panel and for some reason it didn’t have my preferred graphics processor to High-Performance Nividia Processor. I changed that and it runs 60 fps consistently now.

  21. I get to the Bethesda logo and the game closes.

    • Same here

    • Same

  22. It’s crashed on my three times before I even got out of the caves and into Skyrim. Trying the fix below…we’ll see.

  23. Was all excited because it let me play at midnight last night, only to be crushed with disappointment because it’s literally unplayable. I am welcomed to the sight of the opening logo being a dark maroon and the graphics being so broken there’s no player models to be seen. All I can see is an endless expanse of white with the occasional water tile, 3D effect trees, and rock patches everywhere. It’s like I spawned outside the map and the map is tripping out hard.

  24. My machine, a beefy Alienware laptop (admittedly not THE most portable machine there is but it serves it’s purpose) eats Fallout 4 on max settings for breakfast, fair play that game sucks the big one but hey at least it runs well.

    Skyrim SE has lower system requirements than Fallout 4 and it runs like garbage on the lowest settings. Im not particularly bothered as I’ve already sunk nearly 2000 hours in across console and modded PC versions, have played it to death and I’m not really ready for another run through yet.

    However to me, this is a rerun of the original game. By that I mean Bethesda release another game that is largely broken at launch (God the PS3 version was awful) and will spend the next who knows how long releasing patches that are essentially the equivalent of throwing paracetamol at a broken leg.

    I can be thankful for 2 things.

    1. The modding community will eventually polish the game to a standard that sadly seems to be unreachable for a multi million pound game studio.

    2. I got this for free on PC. I am very glad I didn’t put down any cash and expect anything stable or playable.

    So stuff Skyrim SE for as long as it takes for the modding community to make it into a worthwhile experience, I’m off to play something better at ultra settings with higher system requirements that runs a hundred times better.

    Bethesda are frankly laughable to me at this point.

    • Yeah i cannot even install this game without a BSOD. Apparently they did not explain that this is only playable on Windows 10. Which I’ll pass on.

      • As long as you’re running Windows 7 64-bit, you should be fine.

        It’s not a Win7/Win10 thing, it’s a 64-bit program these here days.

  25. Yes disabling touch and keyboard process works. Can confirm!

  26. game doesn´t start, nothing happens when I press play, then I go to the launcher and dll´s missing, install them an nothing happens. help please, I´m at the point of uninstall and leave this game to Oblivion, and precisely not the previous ES game. I dont use any mods or workshop.

    win 7 ultimate 64bits
    amd fx6300
    12gb ram
    GTX 950

  27. the logo appears, smoke appears, and nothing else, it is loading forever

  28. Well, running on alienware it worked fine. Even with a few mods from Bethesda. However, when downloaded mods from the nexus applied and I try to launch the game, it wont launch but say “game already running”… even though task manager shows absolutely nothing. Can anyone help? There isn’t another user on the computer for it to be running under so I dont understand the problem. Could it be the mods?

  29. Easy fix, cap fps to 60 (anything over 60 will cause it to crash)
    Update Nvidia drivers to 375.70.
    If you’re on a laptop/notebook and only see 10fps or lower even on low settings, go to NVidia control panel -> Mange 3d Settings -> Set global graphics to high-end NVidia processor. Enjoy.

  30. If you’re running multiple monitors playing in windowed borderless made it work for me

  31. I cannot even install this without a BSOD. rolling back the drivers do not work. When I finally loaded back up my comp I found the game did install but upon launching it I got the SkyrimSE.exe Bad Image error message.

    It also looks as though this can only be played on Windows 10 because
    every installation file in the _CommonRedist folder, gives this error message:
    The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you’re running. Check your computers system configuration to see whether you need an x86 (32bit) or x64 (64 bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.

    • You need a 64 bit OS to run 64 bit programs, silly. That’s exactly what the message is telling you – has nothing to do with Win7.

  32. I can’t even play the game. I’m playing via Steam, where it gets stuck while installing the Microsoft VC Redist Package. It has been 2 hours by now, and it’s still loading. Anyone with the same problem, or does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  33. I am not even able to get the game to launch after the launcher. I click play on steam, launcher starts, I click play on launcher, launcher closes. Nothing happens. Steam says it is running. I see it in task manager but its not showing up. I have updated video drivers, verified game file integrity, I have even tried manually launch the game outside of steam and adjustting the compatibility settings for both windows 8 and 7 (my computer is windows 10).

  34. my game didn’t start
    I see in the taskmanager that the process runs but remains at 25%

  35. As odd as it sounds, Grant’s suggestion actually worked for me as well.

    I was able to play past the initial 16 minutes where my game would keep crashing. Thanks Grant.

  36. My game just crashes on startup, just after the logo loads up. I did not expect this remaster to be so unpolished.

  37. My skyrim wont even finish the download gets to 9.8 gb and just says its still downloading but the speed drops and its only with skyrim special edition.

  38. Figured out why it was playing so terribe on my laptop/970m. Its because the game only detected my integrated gpu at first and was trying to run off of that. Go into Nvidia Control Center and go into 3D settings/Programs/Skyrim and make sure its set to high performance gpu/Nvidia gpu. Now i can play at 2k ultra settings no problem.

    • Thanks bruh, had grey patches and laggy low settings, now runs ultra

      • Nice! Glad it helped

  39. No issues whatsoever. Some people just have crap PCs or insisted on staying on old versions of Windows. Skyrim SE requires DirectX 11, folks, and it takes advantage of better memory handling in Windows 10.

    • Yea dude, since its working for you, every one else must be a retard. You must be a special snowflake.

      On a more serious note, i have W10 64 bit and W7 64 bit, SSE crashes on both, all drivers up to date.

      Think before you speak.

  40. No issues at all for me. Runs silky smooth with no crashes at max settings at 1080p. I unlocked the 60fps cap and immediately reached my monitors maximum 120hz (v-sync on). Unfortunately the old problem of the games engine not being able to handle much beyond 60fps came to fruition, Physics started messing up and animations became jittery. Had to cap it to 60fps but otherwise runs better than ever. Not even any stutters while out and about exploring like I used to get as different zones/cells were loading up on the fly. I like this free upgrade

  41. i can´t even get to the first menu … it just won´t start …

  42. Guys, I finally got this to work on Windows 10. In addition to increasing my Virtual memory and changing the 3D settings for my integrated Intel video card, I set the priority for SkyrimSE.exe to Realtime. Launch Skyrim SE and bring up the task manager. Find the Skyrim process and then choose the details tab. Right click on it, and then set the priority level to Real Time. Viola!

  43. Also the volume is too low

  44. The frame rate goes down really low regularly to the point it is unplayable…I have 2 1080’s in sli and a 6700k…

    Impossible to play in 1440p

    Great job Bethesda, a chance I got the freaking game for free..

  45. In order to fix the framerate issue, either go into SkyrimPrefs.ini under C:Users[Username]DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim Special Edition and change iVSyncPresentInterval=1 to iVSyncPresentInterval=0. OR, if you do not want to disable VSync, then get this mod: and then there is another mod that can re-enable achievements for the modded game.

  46. Completely unplayable. My PC is more than capable of playing it on ultra settings, but I can’t even get it to play smoothly on the lowest settings. It lags and stutters, even on the main menu. FPS is fine, the game just freezes for an instant once every second. I’ve tried all the “fixes” out there with no change. I’m just gonna return it through steam and spend my money on a Ubisoft game that ACTUALLY WORKS. Let me know when SSE is actually playable.

  47. So, I just got an awesome new gaming desktop, I was ready to play SSE. I was SUPER excited, I booted it up without any mods, and it worked amazingly, running on ultra graphics amazing fps. So i was like.. YEH! and downloaded several mods! and an Enb!!! Got the tools ready ((because i’ve modded before)) Loot, SSEDIT, NNMetc… :3.. So i started playing. Worked really well! I didn’t lose any frames, was running silky smooth. Then I tried to enter Helgan Keep. It was on a loading screen for 3 seconds. Then CTD… So i did a lot of searching around the web. I cleaned any mods with SSEDIT, didnt work CTD again. Disabled every single mod one by one. Didn’t work CTD.I ran the game without the use of any mods or anything at all. I disabled the touch keybord thing CTD.. Uninstalled the ENB didn’t work CTD. Lowerd the graphics to the bare minimum. Lowest possible.. and still CTD at helgen keep door. I tried using start a new life mod. All this does is crash when i click “new game” .I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game and i still crash when trying to enter helgan keep through either doors, or the cave. Help? anyone? I’ve been searching for hours. Since yesterday.

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