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Leading up to the release of PlayStation VR one of the games that had my attention the most was Job Simulator. I had seen this game which had already been released on other VR devices and the uniqueness and humor of it drew me in immediately. So when I got my PlayStation VR this was one of the first games I wanted to try to see how it was myself. I’m happy to say that Job Simulator didn’t disappoint me in all the areas that matter most.

job simulator

The premise of Job Simulator is that you are a human in the far future that is now dominated by floating TV robots. You are placed in various job simulations so that you can know how humans worked back in the day. What kinds of jobs you ask? Well you lucky human will get to see what it was like to be a Store Cashier, a Chef, an Office Worker, and a Mechanic. As you play through all four of the jobs you’ll be asked to carry out different objectives and this is where I realized just how much fun this game could be. Now if you want to play Job Simulator you have to have two PlayStation Move motion controllers. The Dualshock 4 is not compatible with the game but when you play it you realize why. The Move controllers act as your hands and allow you to reach out, pick up and interact with tons of different things. In fact while each Job has a fixed path of objectives to complete I found myself ignoring them half the time just to interact with everything else in the scenes.

job simulator

Being able to pick up a paper plane and throw it and watch it fly across the office was awesome and when I picked up another object and threw it in another cubicle it hit a TV robot and caused it to get mad which had me laughing out loud. When you’re performing the objectives you are also free to complete them how you see fit. I was asked to make a smoothie which I did by throwing several things that were probably not meant to be ate into the blender. But my customer seemed to like it and at the end of the day that’s what matters most.  Now if you played Job Simulator on something like the HTC Vive then you’ll realize you can’t quite move around as much as you could in that version. The PlayStation VR version isn’t really meant for you to be standing and walking around and that’s ok because this version was designed to still be fun and to work well even with those limitations. In my time playing through all the jobs I only had a couple times where the tracking didn’t work as intended and those always happened when I had to turn around to interact with things behind me in the game. For the most part though the tracking was flawless. So flawless that you can pick up an objects and basically juggle them between your hands. It all just feels very natural and for a VR game that is one of the most important things to make you feel immersed in that world.

One of the other best qualities about Job Simulator is the humor. As you play, the things that the robots say and do had me laughing over and over. The cartoony art style used in the game fits it well and suits the light hearted humor that the game is filled with. As fun as it all is the experience doesn’t last very long. It will only take you a few hours to play through the jobs here and once you do there isn’t a whole lot of reason to replay. I wanted so bad for there to be more than four jobs to play through and have fun with but alas that may have to wait for a sequel which I hope is made at some point. The game does have around a dozen trophies on PS4 to earn including a Platinum and it’s probably one of the easiest platinums that I’ve gotten.

job simulator

When I was finished with Job Simulator I was fully satisfied with my experience. It’s one of the best games on PlayStation VR right now. While I was sad to see it end I loved every second of it and never was bored. It’s easily one of the more funnier games I’ve played as well. Owlchemy Labs is onto something special early in the PlayStation VR lifecycle and I’m excited to see how they can take this and build upon it.

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Job Simulator





  • Game is pure fun to play
  • Great, humorous writing
  • Controls feel natural


  • Wish there was more scenarios
  • Minor tracking issues
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