Battlefield 1 Servers Are Down For Many Users Currently – 10/29/16 – 30/10/16

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UPDATE 3: The official Battlefield Twitter account has responded to the complaints via a tweet.

UPDATE 2: The servers are still down almost 2 hours after the first reports.

UPDATE 1: This is also happening to PC and Xbox One users and is a widespread issue.

Many people are currently getting a matchmaking error on Battlefield 1, and it looks like it’s only happening to PS4 users at this time. Xbox One and PC users are not having any match making errors currently.

There is no known reason why it’s down currently, but we will continue to update this article as soon as we hear updates about the servers.

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  1. It’s also happening to PC and XBox users.

  2. Update your post. It’s happening on all platforms.

    • Done.

  3. DDoS attack

    • Yuuup. Bastardos!

  4. It also was effecting most everything on Origin……from Fifa to Madden.

  5. Also on ps4

  6. The servers down for PS4. Or at least yesterday. any update so far? or are they still down?

  7. There was a worldwide attack on some major DNS servers in the USA. It has happened twitce in teh last two weeks they are using IoT devices and printers. Its much much bigger than EA. Google it up

    Heres a live view of it hapenning:

  8. Definitely getting matchmaking errors one Xbox one

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