Battlefield 1 Servers Back Online, But Many Have Lost Their Ranking And Weapons

Having issues on December 16th 2016? Check out this new post for details. 

UPDATE 1: EA know about the issue and have confirmed they are looking to fix the issue very soon. Here’s a tweet from an international Battlefield account responding to a user.

The rough translation for this tweet is “We are aware of the difficulties presented by the statistics system in . Investigating the situation.” 


Even though the servers are starting to come back online the issues are continuing for players on Battlefield 1. Now users are reporting that their online stats have been wiped along with level rank. Weapons have also been removed since the downtime.

Here are some user reactions.


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  1. I’m connect but when I try matchmaking it fails every single time. Xbox one.

  2. yeah my rank and stats all reset

  3. I was rank 73 with all kits to rank 10 and I’ve lost everything. This better get sorted

  4. Rank 38 all reset…bztter get fixed

  5. Thats fucked up i just finished all thw weekly medals andnthen is wiped my shit

  6. What the actual fuck, I’m wondering why I even bought battlefield ultimate edition…if everything that i have done up until now will be lost, I’m just gonna sell it and never buy a battlefield game ever again. Fuck you battlefield

  7. I lost all my rank. I had 63hrs of gameplay. I’m lvl 50 and everything is gone. Wtf

  8. I literally lost all my stats and rank two seconds after clicking this page. If they dont fix this Im gonna be really pissed. I was rank 48.

  9. I just lost all of my stats and am level 0 yet i have 400 warbonds that means i was a higher level before. I was level 21 FOR FUCK SAKE

  10. Iv lost my rank and my medals have rest, and I’m still unable to connect to a multiplayer game…

  11. I was level 46 good stats and 40 hours playtime. On ps4 and on the battlefield compinion app my stats are reset everything is gone so I fear our stats are gone. On he battlefield forums apparently it will be fixed but I fear our stats our lost forever. Please notify ea and dice

  12. I was level 57 almost got all my classes to 10 and now this !? It better get fixed !!

  13. 31 back to 0. WTF?

    Not seeing my deluxe goodies either….not a happy soldier over here.

  14. Me 2 man lost everything

  15. I lost everything, gone from 26 down to 0. Son of a bitch

  16. All my stuff is gone it won’t even let me Re purchase my weapons

  17. I have spent over 200 hours into this game, maxed two class, completed 10 medals and had over 100 dog tags. I used to be rank 51 but now I have absolutely nothing but the last two dog tags I was wearing before this issue. Needless to say I am quite upset.

  18. What the fuck DICE I had 40 fucking hours on the mother fucker and now I’ve lost everything, I even had the fucking sawtooth knife and it’s all gone, this better not be another BF4 glitchy shitty game. BETTER BE FIXED!

  19. I’ve lost also al my stats. 30hours of playing all gone

  20. Waaah boo hoo whine whine. Faggots.

  21. I’ve also lost my rank and stats. Was level 23

  22. Yes it has also happened to me -_- level 19 back to 0 cheers. Never playing it again I can’t be arsed with that shit

  23. Update: 16th December 2016
    I lost my rank and stats, All weapons
    Now Level 0….srsly DICE?

    • Right…level 30, now I am f@%kn 0….WTF!!!!!

      • Yeah my lvl was 33…:((

  24. i just lost all my rank was lvl 78 12/26/2016 how can i fix this i really just want my rank back dont need my stats just want my rank back

    • I also lost everything. Was rank 40 now back to 0. 🙁

    • Same problem here. Level 85

  25. Anyone got it back?

  26. lost everything ! WHAT THA FAAAK!

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