Battlefield 1 Servers Are Down For Some Users – 11/02/2016 03/11/2016

Battlefield 1’s issues are far from over as it looks like the servers are down once again, and we can also confirm that this is happening to users on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

There’s no known reason why the servers are down, but we will keep you all updated.

Let us know in the comments section below if you are having server issues.

Update 1: Some users have had enough, and are now asking for refunds for Battlefield 1 due to the servers.


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  1. yup servers are down for me 11/2/2016 8:38 east

    • You poor thing!

      • And you’re an asshole

  2. lol, cant help but laugh at the refund requests, patience seems to be lacking in some nerd ragers.

    EA like blizzard and other companies are being DDOS attacked, so blame those idiots and not EA / dice.

    as for BF1 being down most of the time..that’s a lie and you all know it, i have seen the servers down maybe 1-2 times since launch, first was DDOS attack aswell by poodlecorp, second i dont know.

    • then at least they should spread risks by adding third party servers instead of eating all the crumbs being eager as they are.

      • @dutchtacticalgaming:disqus

        I am sure EA is looking to needlessly blow up their costs to deal with a few hours of DDOSing once every so many weeks.

        The servers were back up in a matter of hours for me and my friends.

        Adding a 3rd party data center to cover a couple hours of infrequent downtime wouldn’t fix the problem. The DDOS attackers would just aim their attacks elsewhere as well.

        The internet is an open network. Stopping DDOS attacks isn’t easy. If you are only spending a few minutes thinking of a solution like “oh just add more servers” it is likely EA and their staff have thought of it already and likely already dismissed it as a bad or ineffective idea. But don’t let that stop you from being an Arm Chair Expert in things you know little about. 🙂

        • Hmz. quite an ignorant answer probably popped up in your mind while popping your wizkid pimples? I was pointing at the serversystem EA uses in BF4 which gives a bigger spread (multiple servers spread over several companies in several countries), that makes it not impossible for DDoS attackers, but a bit more complicated. It also gives some freedom of choice to customers/users to take a server which has the best uptime/support/whatever. Now we have to rely on EA.

    • i agree… people always want freaking refunds for everything. I mean if EA charged an extra fee for players to play online on top of buying the game and on top of buying the the Xbox Live or PSN membership then it would be a different story.

  3. Down 8:46 east

    • Aww need a hug?

  4. Down 5:45 AZ-MTN

    • Oh the calamity!

  5. WAAAAHH! Some gamers need to get themselves a diaper and sit themselves in the corner.

    So sick of these crybabies in games. There is no crying in video games. MAN UP!

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