Is Releasing The Scorpio One Year After The Pro A Wise Move?

Don’t crucify me, just think about it before you start throwing spears and rocks at me, okay? Yes, the Scorpio is arguably going to be leaps and bounds ahead of the PlayStation Pro in terms of graphic quality, performance and generally most of the things we’ve been told it is capable of doing, but how long can we go watching one half of the world using the PS Pro while we wait for the Xbox Scorpio to come out and play the games which would, now, be outdated? Sure they could make the games for the past generation consoles as they continue to do so now with the majority of them, but do you want to be playing on a flashy new console or sat in the dumps while everybody else is using their cool new toy?

Both the Scorpio and the Pro will have a huge impact on console gaming and even if things have been a big weird recently with the release of improved versions of the PS4 and Xbox One, the rise of virtual reality and 4K displays have basically backed Sony and Microsoft into a corner with the expectation of implementing devices with these functionalities which kind of makes you think that this is something we’ll be seeing as a norm pretty soon.

What says professional better than three layers of plastic?

From a technical side, both consoles seem pretty similar however the small amount we know about the Scorpio means that it’ll probably be able to make the improvements that weren’t initially there when the PS Pro does finally drop – the PS Pro is expected to be using the same, or a very similar chip, found in the standard PS4 with a relatively small boost to the clock speed which is yet to be confirmed just like the Scorpio, so at this point it’s hard to determine who’s going to be a winner.

However, both Sony and Microsoft have fans who will stick with them until the ship goes down (not saying that either will, again, don’t crucify me) and even if one console is better than the other, the chances of these people jumping ship is unlikely to ever happen, even if they’re a hardcore gamer who wants nothing to do with the competing console, they won’t consider it for a second and does this put them at a disadvantage? Yeah, probably. Let me put it into another perspective.

You’re a middle-aged gamer, come home from work and you want to go on the latest Call of Duty in the series, Call of Duty: Even More Infinite Warfare so you pick up your controller and start playing on the PS Pro and you’re having a blast – you’re finally putting your 4K television to good use, perhaps even using the virtual reality headset and you’re top of the leaderboard but your friend is coming over because he hasn’t got the game nor the console to play it on because his favourite, the Scorpio has yet to come out. How annoying does that sound? Even more annoying that in the future, you might be going over to your friend’s house because his console is so much better because Microsoft waited patiently to see what went wrong with the PS Pro and fixed the issues. Perhaps it’s too far down the line to even do this and all they’re doing is waiting for a prime time to start shipping the consoles and neither are to your liking? There are so many eventualities that you have to think about.

Infinite Warfare, the latest Call of Duty, has had less than positive comments following the trailer earlier this year

With the continuously developing technologies we’re seeing every day, both sides have a lot more to think about. The Nintendo Switch could even take over as one of the big consoles, not that it is likely to, but it could and people will want to usually only buy one so why wait until the one you want is out while you can play the games you want to play right now. Makes you wonder if they honestly care about the players anymore or if it’s all just a business strategy because it is, there’s no denying that.

Both sides have a huge task on their shoulders, and it’s to (even if they don’t want to admit it) make the next generation of consoles a thing, whether they like it or not so instead of squabbling over who did it better, just do what makes you happy and get the console you want. If it means waiting an extra few months then that’s fine, if you’re impatient like me then get the one that’s out first. At the end of the day, all I want to do is play games, and I don’t care how I do it. Just as long as I’m able to play the same lineup of games as I can on a competing console – I’m looking at you Red Dead Redemption 2.

So what do you think? Is this move by Microsoft a rash one? Do you think their sales could potential have a negative impact due to the PlayStation Pro being released before the Scorpio? We’re waiting to hear from you. Remember, these views and opinions speak the mind of myself and do not represent the entire staff at ThisGenGaming.

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  1. I dont think it matters when Scorpio is released.
    Most people I know are either considering a purchase or already decided to do it.

  2. It’s neither wise nor dumb…it is what it is. Microsoft is not launching in 2016 because what they want to bring to market is not ready now, at least not at a price point that makes sense for consumers. That was their decision, every bit as much as it was Sony’s decision to not chase native 4k and instead offer a pretty brilliant checkerboard rendering solution that will get you close to what a native 4k image would be, without needing all the gpu grunt to get you all the way there natively. It’s a good compromise, and they can offer it at a good price much sooner than the native 4k alternative, as they have done.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Scorpio will deliver every bit as much as what the pro will deliver….and I’m glad the two companies are taking a different approach to 4k/HDR, and not doing exactly the same thing.

    As for Red Dead, the developer has already stated that Sony and the playstation platform will get access to certain content sooner than other platforms. I’m assuming that means dlc and the like, but I wouldn’t expect the game itself to be held back for any amount of time from other platforms.

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