Mass Effect Andromeda Game Informer Cover Leaks Early

Following some rumors and days before N7 day we have now learned that Mass Effect: Andromeda is the next Game Informer Cover Story for their December issue. The following image leaked early earlier today.


Mass Effect: Andromeda is still on track to launch in early 2017 and we should start hearing all about it very soon. Are you excited for the game?

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  1. Inb4 but muh ME3′ RGB ending!!!

    Anyway, still looking forward to this game. Love the combat system of the game, love the lore, love the characters. Writing and story tend to be Bioware-esque cliche but still enjoyable in that B-movies kind of way.

  2. ”A new hero rises to save humanity”
    I hope this does not mean Shepard 2.0 with reapers and stuff.. 😛

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