PlayStation VR Already Price Dropped In The UK, Even With Strong Sales

Even with strong sales and always going out of stock, the PlayStation VR has had a price drop in the UK. The price at launch last month was £349.99 and now Amazon has dropped the price £332.49 with many other retailers following the new price.

Many people are wondering why the PlayStation VR was price dropped as it keeps going out of stock in the UK, and even as of today it’s out of stock with the new price. More stock has been guaranteed, and will be sent out by December 12th at the very latest.

What are your thoughts on the price drop of the PlayStation VR even with strong sales? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Weird total sales in canada are under 10 000 dismal

    • Source? It sold out of stock of 50 000 in Japan in a couple of days.

    • Weird comment with nothing to back it up dismal.

    • loool try harder next time lol

    • Keep waiting for your pathetic Kinect to come back to life.

      oh and if you haven’t noticed the PS4 Pro will be out next week. You’re still waiting for that Scorpio huh? Can’t wait till you drop over $600US on it only to play games at 4K@30fps with AAA titles. Pathetic.

      • @barryharden:disqus

        this has got to be one of the worst replies i have read…

        you have to be creative in your trash talk…

        • It’s not trash talk when I’m spouting facts.
          Trash talk would be if I asked you to pull your head out of your ass.

  2. The headline is silly as most hardware sells a little under RRP in UK, nothing new.

  3. C’mon, guys. At least know- or otherwise, research- the market first.

  4. That’s barely a price drop

  5. lol @ the adverts on this site.

  6. Amazon does that, the Ps4Pro was £332 but went back up again and you can bet the VR price will too

  7. If anyone is truly interested in PSVR…
    I can snag a few from a Beat Buy…

    There will be a markup of 25% – 30% though..

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