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Virtual Reality opens up all kinds of new ways that developers can design their games and try new things. Because of this there are no rule-books out there however for developers to refer to in order to make their game the best it can be. Untold Games has decided to take on the adventure game genre in virtual reality with their PlayStation VR launch title Loading Human: Chapter 1. While there are good things that I enjoyed about Loading Human it is clear that there is much to still learn.

loading human

Loading Human is a science fiction adventure game where you play as scientist Prometheus Baawick. The premise of this first chapter is that you are preparing for a journey into space to find a power source known as Quintessence. Baawick seeks this because his father created equipment that can lengthen the life of humans but it needs Quintessence to function. You start the game stationed on an arctic base along with a female character Alice who Baawick has a relationship with. The story of the game is decent and the characters are well thought out and I enjoyed my time with them.

You can play Loading Human using either the Dualshock 4 or two Move controllers. Using the Move controllers you can advance ahead using the Move button and you turn by turning your head in the direction you want to go. The control scheme gets even weirder when you factor in the fact that you have to turn the Move controller right or left while pressing the Move button to turn the body of your character. I did get used to the controls after awhile and it’s different for sure. It is nice though that Untold Games designed this unique control scheme to move around rather than having to just teleport around the environment like some other VR games do.

loading human

Playing through the game you’ll be interacting with tons of objects and solving puzzles. Much like a game like Job Simulator you just reach out and pick up objects in the environment. Most of the time this is what you’ll be doing in the game. There is tons of stuff to pick up everywhere which can lead to some frustration finding what you need. Sure you can have a lot of fun just picking junk up and throwing it and with the amount of stuff scattered about it’s almost like the developer wanted you to do that more than anything. If you dislike fetch quests than this probably isn’t the game for you as that is mainly what you do. Go into a room, find something and pick it up and then take it somewhere else. Also your female friend Alice will be having you make tea for her. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

The gameplay honestly leaves a lot to be desired here but the story helped keep me invested until the end. It took me about 4-5 hours to get through the game and the way it ends lets you know that this isn’t a full game but rather yes just a chapter. Whether we will ever get chapter 2 I don’t know but I would like to see it happen as I do want to see what happens next. One of the bigger issues I have with the game is that it’s not a cheap game. The game is priced at $40 and this is only the first chapter. I feel like for being an episodic game that is way overpriced and I can’t see paying another $40 for chapter 2 if it ever happens.

loading human

The graphics in the game won’t wow you as both the characters and the environments look decent but could be a lot better. Voice acting is done well even if the faces that look good while talking. If you’re a trophy person there are around 20 of them but no Platinum which again for a game priced at $40 is kind of weird. I also want to mention seeing as how this is a VR game that I never felt sick while playing through it. As always this could be different for each person but I just wanted to point out my condition while playing it.

Loading Human Chapter 1 is a good first try at the adventure genre in VR for Untold Games. I enjoyed the sci fi story presented here and the characters are well thought out. Interacting with all the different objects in the game and some of the puzzles are fun too. The game needs more variety and if you aren’t into slower paced games you may want to pass on this. The price also makes it hard to recommend it but if you catch it on sale it’s well worth it. I do hope Untold Games can make the next chapter and improve on what they have here as I’d like to see what is next for these characters.

* Review copy of the game provided by the publisher.

Loading Human Chapter 1





  • Interesting story
  • Well developed characters
  • Fun to mess around in the world


  • Short experience
  • Too expensive for being a chapter based game
  • Needs more varied gameplay
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