Titanfall 2: A Gem That Got Caught Up In A Sales Crossfire

Titanfall 2 just released this past Friday. The long awaited sequel to the original Xbox exclusive, Titanfall 2 carried that same formula forward and improved upon it. However, due to shotty marketing and poor release date placement by EA, this superb sci-fi shooter may yet again see lack luster sales numbers, despite being released multi platform this time around. That is a true shame.

The original Titanfall for Xbox One was my favorite title for the console. The mix of mech and soldier gameplay, moba style AI grunts to fight in addition to other players, combined with the superb mechanics made famous by the Call of Duty franchise, Titanfall should have been a huge hit. But for some reason it wasn’t. This was a bit in part to it being an exclusive for Xbox One. And at the time, the console wasn’t doing near as well as it is today, lagging well behind the PS4 at the time. Today, however, the Xbox One has had a sort of resurgence in part to the company changing directions and focusing more on the gamer than its original multi-entertainment media unit aspect.  All of this seemed to be remedied for the launch of Titanfall 2.  The Xbox One is performing a lot better, the release is multiplatform.  The game should be recieved and sell very well.  This isn’t the case.  Due to the launch of Titnfall 2 being sandwiched between two of the biggest FPS franchises out there, Call of Duty and Battlefield, it seems that Titanfall 2 was setup to fail yet again.  It is for this reason alone that the game isn’t receiving the reception it deserves.

Titanfall 2 is a superb title.  Look at many of the reviews around and there is high praise for the game.  From the excellent single player campaign, which was a feature missing from the original title, to the continued excellence that is the multiplayer experience, Titanfall 2 deserves a lot more attention.

I picked up Titanfall 2 on release, as I was looking forward to it more than the other two titles.  The single-player campaign was very well crafted.  It wasn’t very long and drawn out, but it wasn’t a typical non-stop Michael Bay action sequence like your typical Call of Duty campaigns either.  It had a story to tell, and it did so very well.  As the new pilot Cooper, at the start you don’t have this overwhelming feeling that you are the most powerful person.  However, paired with your titan BT, you start to feel more power. However, there are good sequences that balance out that feeling of overwhelming power. Overall, the story is very well crafted and has a good balanced feeling to it.

The multiplayer is an improved feature from the first title. While the core of the multiplayer remains the same, the beefed up the customization in some respects. However, it is up for debate if the titan customization is better now or in the previous title. Personally, the multiplayer experience in Titanfall 2 is a very solid and fun experience. The weapons have a good feel to them. There isn’t a very huge ocerriding feeling of one loadojt being superior to another. Everything has its us and its place during matches. The game retains it’s tight controls that make it an excellent FPS titles. On top of all this, it hasn’t suffered any serious launch issues. I’m looking at you Battlefield 1.

So, with all this being said, Titanfall 2 is really an excellent title. It is most csrtainly worth the price tag, especially with all DLC being free forever. However, due to EA’s lack of sense with planning, they hurt the chances Titanfall 2 had at being a huge hit by sticking it between Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This is a shame because the work Respawn put into this game, it deserves to do well. Hopefully, with all the glowing reviews out there, people will realize that Titanfall 2 is worth the investment.

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  1. The problem isn’t the crossfire date between Battlefield 1 and Infinite Warfare. The problem is the gaming community as a whole. I’m not a Titanfall gamer, but I can respect its vision and purpose. The problem is that there is a massive chunk of gamers who only play the brand, not the game. We’ve never seen anything like this in gaming history. In the past, games rose and fell in popularity on their own merit. Infinite Warfare is an embarrassment of a game. It has no purpose, no principle and no integrity. Its rips off and initiates so many trendy games and shoe-horns it into its own gameplay. Two examples would be how it tries to be a Titanfall clone in gameplay, but has artistically ripped off games like Halo and others. In the past, if a game like IW was released, it would be shunned. Today? People turn a blind eye. How can so many gamers pretend that Infinite Warfare isn’t desperately trying to be like Titanfall? No one cares? Its embarrassing. This isn’t an anti-COD rant. This is anti-Infinite Warfare.

    • And just to clarify. The point is that 90% of the COD community that wants to play a futuristic-styler FPS game should pick up Titanfall 2 instead because its the game that Infinite Warfare wishes it could be. In the past, they would have. But today’s age? I guess not. They just play the brand. No one blinks an eye when a game like IW tries to shamelessly rip off Titanfall and other games. IW has no identity. Its just a reflection of current trends. Besides that, Respawn is the original Infinity Ward. They are in a separate class than the random puppets Activision brought in to replace them under the name “Infinity Ward.” The current Infinity Ward exists to take orders from Activision. Sledgehammer and Treyarch both have more credibility and at least have some respect for themselves.

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