Skyrim Special Edition’s Patch 1.03 Is Causing Major Crashing Issues On Consoles

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition’s latest patch (1.03) went live earlier today, and it looks like it has been causing more issues than fixing as many users are reporting that Skyrim is constantly crashing on Xbox One and PS4. Here are some user reactions.


We have also tested our PS4 and Xbox One versions that we own, and can confirm that the crashing issues are also happening to us too. We can’t confirm whether this is only happening to users who have installed mods or not, as the rumor currently is that the game is only crashing for users who have mods installed.

We will keep you updated with this story as we hear more, and if you are having issues with crashing then please leave your comments in the comment section below.

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  1. I have no mods installed and it’s crashing for me. NOT HAPPY

    • Delete the game and re install without patches. Thats working for me. Im just going to wait until they solve the issue before I install the patches. Straight bs.

      • Thanks for the tip Alex! I am having the crashing problem as well today. Ugh! I’ll try what you said. This is so frustrating. 🙁

      • I want to try this, but i don’t know how to re install with out the patches. Im on ps4 do u think you can help?

    • Same for me. Actually played fine all night with no issues but then an hour ago it started crashing every 30 seconds when I was in Honeyside; that’s where it started.

      Thought it was just in there, went to Solitude and ran around just fine, then travelled to Whiterun and it crashed again.

    • Same

  2. This website is such a disaster with popups, new pages opening, ads and just a complete cause of unnecessary anger and frustration that no one bargains for…. Tht i actually went out of my way and took my time block it on all my devices…

  3. Literally every time I load in to play it kicks me off in less than 30 seconds. This is BS. Tried to get some gameplay in before work, but nope.

  4. I have no mods installed. Not gone to the greybeards yet, just trying to complete last mission of the thieves guild and keep getting it. Have deleted and reinstalled all data. And even reset my ps4. Still broken. Right at the final trial as well!!

  5. No mods installed and my game is still crashing every few minutes.

  6. Yep. Can’t get in the game for 10 seconds without a crash.

  7. I have no mods and get about 30 seconds of gameplay after today’s update before the game freezes.

  8. Played ok for an hour or so then crashed at the same point half a dozen times. Tried re-loading an early save and was able to follow a DIFFERENT quest path ok for another hour or so then crashing regularly again. Great work Bethesda.

  9. no mods, crashing alot

  10. I have never download or installed a mod can’t make it more then a few minutes b4 it crashes on my Xbox1 was fine last night before update as soon as I installed update bam nothing but crashes

  11. Glad I could stop the update from downloading before it installed.

  12. After reading all comments down below I’ve decided not installing this patch for now. I’ll wait until it gets fixed.

  13. This is such bull. It’s crashed so many times on me and I don’t have mods. My husband is playing on his xbox which is right beside mine and his isn’t giving him any trouble. I tried talking to Xbox live support and skyrim support. No help what so ever. So POed.

  14. this is happening to me so i deleted all my mods and it still crashed so i got them back and everything was ok but then it started doing it again so im just gonna try to wait till they fix this shit. hopfully soon cause im addicted. i have over 60 hours in already lol

  15. can confirm.i have no mods started crashing on my ps4 after installing patch 1.03.

  16. Well, that’s one way to break my Skyrim Addiction….

  17. It’s also crashing my skyrim and I have no mods was going for trophies before I mod so I can confirm it’s both modded and not modded

  18. No mods installed her either and it keeps crashing – I tried reinstalling the game but the problem is still there.

  19. I have no mods on my ps4 and skyrim has crashed 5 times in 45 minutes not happy about this

  20. I have no mods and it hasn’t crashed yet but the NPC’s are acting very strange. Rotating in place. Sliding without walking. Frozen in place. This happened after installing the 1.03 update.

  21. We have skyrim on Xbox one, I did the update yesterday about 11:30 ish or 12 and played from then until 9pm (I’m a level 11) with no issues my boyfriend logged into his account and started playing (he’s a level 25) from that point on it kept crashing we even took the disc back and swapped it out thinking that was the issue however about 15 mins ago we tried on his profile and it crashed tried on mine and everything was fine. we uninstalled the game and are now reinstalling it without the patch.

  22. Yep i got no MODS and it keeps crashing like every 2 mins i load into the game f#%k. It was working fine about 15 mins ago.

  23. No it’s not just people using mods it crashes mine and I’m not using any

  24. Oh so it wasn’t my PS4, I was already having problems with it saying that I had to delete 0 KB of data after deleting almost all of it and that might’ve been because of the mods and then I saw the update and I thought the issue was going to be fixed but it crashed but I put it on my other PS4 and that didn’t have any issues but I don’t have any mods installed yet.?

  25. FFS!!
    In the name of Frosty’s frigid nutsack, patch your fecking patch already Bethesda!!

  26. I don’t have any mods on my PS4, and my game crashes every 5-10 minutes.

    This is pathetic, don’t Bathesda test these patches before they release them?

  27. I don’t have any mods installed on my ps4 profile and the game keeps crashing! I just want to play Skyrim. Fix this asap!

  28. Me too!! No mods have been activated on my game! Vanilla settings only!! Loaded old save from few days ago, but as soon as i got back to whiterun the crashes started again ?
    Game is unplayable

  29. Crashes on my PS4 about 20 seconds after loading. Trying to leave Riften. If I try to fast travel, it corrupts my save. Pissed off because it will probably be a week til they have a patch. They still haven’t fixed Nuka World in Fallout 4. Why should we expect a quick fix here? They fix unbroken things and break the whole game.

  30. I had the latest update for skyrim I haven’t used mods or anthing and the game keeps crashing everytime I load in and I reinstalled the game and is still doing it why is this ??

  31. Since putting habds remains (skull) where its meant to be (after searching online as I can’t remove it and quest marked completed with no explanation I have 1 more step but fed up carrying the skull around…. I put it in and then any time I go whiterun the game crashes.. So I’m forced to carry a skull forever using up space.. Or never enter whiterun again.

    • Update: some reason I dropped a stolen wine bottle as didn’t want it in whiterun.. Once I re stole it then put habds remains in fire.. Now I have no issues with whiterun so DON’T DROP any stolen items if you have the skull… It crashes the game constantly… Stupid idiots can’t even fix the bugs in the game after 5 years… And Sony can’t let us use the unofficial patch to fix it due to no external asset thing…

  32. I can’t even download the patch on Xbox one and no troubleshooting has fixed it. I just keep getting that there was a problem with the update.

    • Don’t download it, play off line like I did last night, wish I hadn’t downloaded this morning, can’t play it now.

      • I can’t download the patch I keep getting a there was a problem with the update error.and I can’t play it offline either because I’m at the area where you get areals bow, and the only way you can get out of there is by fast traveling. But now evrey time I fast travel my game crashes. So basically can’t play the game at all, period until this is fixed.

        • Same here, piss poor from Bethesda once again.

          • Yeah. I love Bethesda buthe I have to admit this shouldn’t be happening with a 5 year old game. I’m starting to think the engine they use is just a bad, glitchy engine and they need to make a new one

          • They’ve always been the same, bring out a patch to stop the game crashing but the patch brings more crashes, they make EA look good.

  33. No crashes before update with 50 mods, new update 16 Nov 2016 Xbox one, now it’s crashing every couple of minutes, most of the time it crashes now before game as even loaded? Wtf Bethesda.

  34. Ya I just beat the civil war quest line and saved and now I can’t load in it goes in to the loading screen loads up and then crashes when I start to move or fast travel so I’m a little pissed off right now- xbox1 user with mods

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