Trends To Watch Out For In Online Bingo And Online Casino Gaming In 2017

Trends to watch out for in Online Bingo and Online Casino Gaming in 2017


2016 has been a good year all round for the online bingo and online casino industry.   We have seen many new casinos launched, different seminars and new programming on channels target at online casinos and online betting.

As the year winds down however, it is time to take a look at trends that we can expect to see in the next year.

Increase in Mobile Casino Gaming

Mobile casino gaming is now more popular than ever. Apart from being able to play games on online casino sites using your mobile, tablet and other devices, you can now easily find dedicated apps for playing specific games on specific sites.  More than 90% of online casinos today are mobile compatible and we expect the figure to draw closer to 100% as new online casino sites try to keep up with demand. Apart from online bingo, other popular games on mobile include mobile poker, mobile roulette and online slots.

Increased use of the Freemium model

Allowing players to enjoy games for free worked so well in other gaming niches and it has thus been imported into the online casino gaming niche. More companies have made it possible for gamers to sign up without having to make deposits. We expect people looking for new bingo sites in 2017 with free bonus and online casino sites that allow no deposit entry to be spoilt for choice even further.  The competitive nature of the market means that this is one of the best ways to get customers to test out offerings and compare services.

More Esports themed offerings

The Esports industry grew even bigger in 2016 with more people now aware of the fast growing industry. The industry is very much regulated and organised to foster equity and fairness while retaining the exciting nature of games.  More online casino establishments now offer Esports-related game options and we expect the numbers to continue to swell in the next year.

Rise in the use of Bitcoin

The crypto currency continues to enjoy attention.  It offers consumers a better deal than they stand to get if they go with traditional forms of transaction.  Online casinos have effected changes to ensure they are not being overlooked by online casino gamers looking for the bitcoin option. In fact, some of the casinos market themselves as “bitcoin only” platforms. In the coming year, we expect to see new sites following this path.

More Virtual Reality Content

Virtual reality technology is still catching on but it is doing so rapidly. Online casino companies offering this option give users an immersive experience where they can play all games and interact fully with other users and casino staff. It is arguably the new frontier in online gambling due to the increased personal appeal (not forgetting that it is a whole lot of fun!).

The last few months have been great for the online bingo and online casino gaming industry. If changes continue at the same pace as we have seen thus far in 2016, we are expecting nothing but more fireworks in 2017! What other trends are you looking forward to in the next year? Let us know!

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