Dishonored 2 Bugs & Known Issues, Long Loading Times, Framerate Drops, And More

Dishonored 2 has just released, and users are already reporting issues with the game. We are gathering all the known issues in to one list so we can let our readers know what issues are know, and which issues are not known yet.

Known issues and bugs

  • Low framerate (PC)
  • Slow loading times

If there’s anymore issues that you are having then please let us know in the comments section below, and we will add them to this article.

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  1. I started downloading the game at 6 AM this morning and it’s now 9:15 PM central time zone and it’s saying 5 more hours until done with the damn thing!!!!!! I am PISSED I can’t believe it’s taking this long to even START THE GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. After a few hours of game play on my Xbox one, the icons on the save/load screen disappeared and it has gotten progressively worse. The next issue to occur, was the save/ load screen whited out (fuzzy graphics, all images are white and the words are light grey, making it very hard to read). Following that, I could no longer read, documents or peep thru keyholes, because when I hit the “x” prompt, all I got was a white screen. Now in Mission 4, I can not see the upgrade options at the Black Market (same issue as the save/load screen). Also, somewhere along the way, I lost the the alert meter over the soldiers heads and when using the heart I only see a pixelated box for all the runes and bone charms. Anyone else dealing with these issues?

  3. This game is riddled with bugs. Just some I’ve encountered.
    -bone charm that’s supposed to make choking faster actually makes it slower. Stacking the ability in a crafted charm makes it progressively slower.
    -randomly fell through the ground to my death in missions 6 and 8
    -arc pylon will stay on despite having it’s oil tank removed in Clockwork Mansion
    -some unconscious witches will glitch into being dead after the non-lethal cutscene in Royal Conservatory.

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