PlayStation 4 Pro Known Issues & Fixes List, Loud Fan, HDR Not Supported, Long Data Transfer

PlayStation 4 Pro has just released worldwide, and there’s some buyers who are already reporting issues with the console. As usual, we are going to list the known issues that people are having with the PS4 Pro so far. Please let us know if there’s any issues you are currently having that are not listed below and we will add them to the list of known issues.

Known PS4 Pro Issues

  • Loud Fan
  • HDR saying not supported for HDR capable TV’s
  • Long data transfers from the original PS4 to PS4 Pro
  • Some PS4 Pro enhanced games are having issues

Once again, please let us know what issues you are having with the PS4 Pro in the comments section below and we can add it to the list.

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  1. Having a issue where I can’t turn off or reset the system, it’s stuck in the black background with the square, x, o, triangle insignia loading screen. Also, when I press the buttons I can hear the sounds… what do I do? #ripoff#unsatisfied#playstationproissues#frustrated

  2. Also, when I put in the disc the disc will spin really load and the fan would come on! Wtf I just bought it hour ago… I’m disappointed.. ???

  3. BLue Ray Disc keeps spinning forever.
    PS4 Pro current Updates installed .
    After Installing a Game from Disc , the inserted Blu Ray Disc keeps spinning at max rpm forever till its removed.
    Tested with BF1, Rush of Blood, Tomb Raider Anniversary,Uncharted …
    Spinnnin even keeps if you quitt the Game and open other Apps.

    • Thats such a glitch, doesnt makes sense.., Any fixes ?

  4. I have got extremely slow download speeds. I have 250/100 Mbit connection, however, the PS4 pro downloads at 7Mbit/s. I have tried all possible adjustment. The only things which helps is to start a proxy server on my PC and route my PS4 through it.

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