RUMOR: Persona 5 Being Delayed Again

Remember when the first trailer for Persona 5 came out and it said it was releasing in 2014? Good times, good times. Then it practically vanished off the face of the Earth getting delay after delay after delay until finally it released in Japan to much fanfare with an English version slated for February 2017. Well, the wait might be a little bit longer if a Neogaf user is to be believed.

Junior member Hichanbis claims to know an insider source that has informed them that Persona 5 will be delayed ONCE AGAIN in the West until April, but that gamers would be getting dual audio included in the game, and that this delay will be announced most likely during Persona 5’s first English streaming event on November 16th. None of this user’s claims can be verified as they have provided no sources for their information or any proof whatsoever, but we will know the truth in about 24 hours.

The Persona 5 Neogaf thread is currently erupting with posts of fear and hope as many users do not want an extra two months on the already five month English delay while other users are just excited at the possibility of getting the much requested dual audio for the game. We will know for certain in 24 hours, so until then just cross your fingers and hope.

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  1. What the hell?! Just make the dual audio into DLC! No need to push back the game for just that reason.

    If this is true, then I hope it’s for a better reason.

  2. i dont care if they delay till december 2017 as long as they add Japanese audio.

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