The PS4 User Who Posted Naked Watch Dogs 2 NPC’s Has Now Been Banned From PSN For A Month

Remember that PS4 user who used PS4 share to post naked NPC’s in Watch Dogs 2? Well he was banned originally for a week for doing this, I mean it’s against their TOS, so it’s to be expected but as the news started to go mainstream, and was posted on some of the biggest news sites in the world, Sony took further action, and has now banned that user for a month.

Now this is kind of harsh, as the user had already been suspended fairly for a week for this, but it seems that because this user caused the news to break, that he is now being punished further for it. The user confirmed the one month ban on NeoGaf earlier today


Fair or unfair? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. ban has been lifted

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