Watch Dogs 2’s Online Mode Has Some Pretty Weird Rules Regarding Names

Watch Dogs 2 is releasing today and people are clamoring to try Ubisoft’s new expansive online mode for the open world game, but they should really stop and read the code of conduct before jumping in, unless they want to be banned for a seemingly nonissue.

One obvious rule would be that you cannot give yourself a username that includes vulgarities or racial slurs, a rule most people would agree is pretty good to have. What doesn’t make sense is that the code of conduct goes on to state that you may not mention any copywritten products, characters or businesses in your name, nor can you reference anything historical unless you want to take a risk and face a possible permanent ban. So no calling yourself Aiden Pearce or Dade Murphy.

Another confusing rule is that you may not talk or post about anything sexually explicit or pornographic in nature. The game isn’t even out yet and one early player has already gotten a temporary ban from Sony for posting a picture of a female NPC’s naked body with textured genitalia, a character that was included in the game! So it is probably safe to say that if you plan on playing online, it is best to avoid any nudists. There are more rules that border on silly like not being able to give yourself similar names to other players for fear of you impersonating them, but the rest of the rules are pretty straight forward. You can read them for yourself at the link below.

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