Why The Nintendo Switch Could Be Competitive If Rumored Launch Price Is True


Nintendo has been in the video game business a long time, since the late 1970’s making its own hardware, and they have been quite successful in the console market until recently. The last console they produced that was deemed a success was the Wii, it was innovate at the time of its release due to motion control aspect of the system. It was great for casual gaming, and playing with friends, it caused both Sony, and Microsoft to play catch up, with them releasing their own motion control systems about four years later.

In the fall of 2012 Nintendo released the Wii U, at the time tablets like Apples iPad were becoming a big thing, so Nintendo decided to try build on the success of the Wii by having the gamepad that looked a lot like a tablet. I remember when it was unveiled nobody had seen anything like it, and at the time I thought this is really neat. I think the reason the Wii U did not sell well, is due to two things, both the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One coming out the following year, and being more powerful, and a lot of developers abandoned the Wii U when they saw how many systems were actually being sold, leaving for the most part only Nintendo to develop games for it. This meant that if you wanted to play anything other than first party games from Nintendo, you had to look elsewhere, Xbox or PlayStation.

Now we have the Nintendo Switch on the horizon, releasing in March 2017, and it looks like a really compelling product. It’s rumored to be priced around $243.00 US dollars, and at that price point, if true would make it really hard to pass up. Here’s what going to make or break the Switch, the third party developers, now a number of them have already said they are on board, but I have to believe there are others who are going to take a wait and see approach.

So, if the rumored price is true that means for $300.00 dollars you could walk out of the store with a Switch, and the game of your choice, not bad. At that price they should be able to sell enough systems to entice developers to make games for it.

Now let’s compare that to the other systems, the PS4 slim is priced at $300.00 just for the system with one controller, the PS4 Pro is $400.00 and the Xbox OneS is between $300.00 and $400.00 depending on the size of the hard drive in the system, I’m not going to include bundles since we have not heard anything about bundles for the Switch, and probably won’t for some time. So at $243.00 the Switch is the cheapest of the systems.

So it’s going to be cheaper than a new Xbox or PS4, but here’s the thing, the Switch seems to have more in common with a tablet, and being a mobile platform than a regular console, which leads me to think that it won’t be as powerful as a dedicated console. So if I’m looking to buy a system, and I don’t need the mobility that the Switch provides, and I’m not worried about playing games from Nintendo, for about the cost of a game, I can get a more powerful system.

I think it’s possible that the Switch could cut into Nintendo DS sales, If I’m looking for a mobile platform I would be willing to spend the extra money and get the Switch. I think Nintendo may end up its own competitor.

If the $243.00 price is the real thing it puts the Switch in an interesting place, it’s a little more than the cost of a Nintendo 3DS XL, and only about $60.00 cheaper than a PS4, or Xbox One. If you are a Nintendo fan, at that price it’s a no brainer, but I’m not sure even at $243.00 if it’s going to be able to compete with Xbox, and PlayStation, and to be honest I’m not sure that’s who they are going after with this product. In the end it’s going to be about the games that are available to play on the system. I really hope they succeed with the Switch, if the $243.00 turns out to be the real thing I might buy one.

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