DICE Developer Confirms They Are Looking Into Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro Issues

DICE developer Nils Hallberg, has confirmed on Twitter that Battlefield 1’s issues that are occurring on the PS4 are being looked into. In one tweet he specifically answers to someone asking about the framerate dropping on the PS4 Pro version.

This second tweet is in another language but says “Come on now, Nils. Why has BF 1 become worse on the PRO version since 1.04? The Internet screams for answers.”

@Beerggren We are aware of this problem and looking into it

— Nils Hallberg (@_FancySquirrel_) November 16, 2016

Unfortunately the person asking the second time didn’t say anything specific so we only now that the framerate issues are definitely being looked into as well as other issues.

Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve had issues with Battlefield 1 since the launch of the game. 

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