Energy Cycle brings bargain puzzles to Xbox One in December

Energy Cycle is an upcoming Xbox One puzzle game releasing on December 6th for $2.99. There are 28 levels in the main story mode and each one has the same objective, turn all the cells the same color, either green, light blue or dark blue.

The trick is that every time you change a cell’s color, it will also change all adjacent cell’s colors. In addition to the main puzzle mode there are time attack and infinite play modes. In time attack you try and solve each puzzle as fast as possible, going head to head against a countdown timer. For every puzzle you complete more time is added to the timer. Infinite play is exactly as it sounds, one level after another until you can’t stand any more.


If you are playing without a guide things can get difficult quickly.  This is the type of game where some people can easily see what to do and for others its like reading a foreign language. Energy Cycle has been out on Steam for a little while so if you get stuck there are walkthroughs to help you move along. If you are an achievement hunter you are going to want to buy it. All achievements are tied to story mode progress and with a guide you can have the entire 1000/1000 in less than 15 minutes.


Energy Cycle is coming out on December 6th for $2.99. If you are up to the challenge, you can check out the link below to preorder and preload. Unfortunately the game will only be releasing in ESRB regions next month, with PEGI regions coming in 2017.

Energy Cycle



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