Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer Is Shutting Down

Publisher Warner Brothers have announced that Batman Arkham Origins multiplayer will be shut down next month.
For those who are not familiar with the game, Arkham Origins features a multiplayer mode where teams of gang members (Joker and Bane’s thugs) fight each other.

Warner Bros. is now shutting down Batman’s origins multiplayer, while single player remains unaffected.

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  1. that was fast -_-

  2. You know what? Warner Bros. Games pulling the plug on Arkham Origins Multiplayer, is actually a good thing.

    Splash Damage shouldn’t have had ANY INVOLVEMENT with Arkham Origins! Online Multiplayer has NO BUSINESS in a BATMAN game! Multiplayer is BROKEN and UNPLAYABLE! It’s a cheap tacked-on gimmick, that feels forced and unnecessary, as well as a terrible idea, that should’ve been scrapped before Arkham Origins hit store shelves.

    I hope that Warner Bros. Games Montrēal releases a patch, that gives those who haven’t earned all the Multiplayer Achievements or Trophies. (shrugs shoulders) Why not!? That could be a little token of appreciation, courtesy of Warner Bros. Games and Warner. Bros Games Montrēal.

    • Son of a fucking bitch.

    • son of a bitch

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