Battlefield 1 Patch Has Also Downgraded The PC Version, Comparison Images Revealed

Users on the Battlefield forums have posted information regarding the PC version of Battlefield 1 after the recent patch. They have found out, after some tests and comparisons that the game has been downgraded after the latest patch.

Pre patch image.


Post patch image.


A user on the forum has noted the following differences

  • clearly lacks tessellation on muddy terrain path — see bottom left highlighted area

  • lacks previous (pre-patch) anisotropic filtering/textures — see far right highlight on rock formation textures

  • terrain quality/decoration lowered, notice missing foliage and plants — see top left highlight above the muddy path

  • HBAO/shadow resolution or shadow-draw distance lowered, notice cluster of plants — see middle highlight above weapon

There’s also a GIF that compares pre patch Battlefield 1 to the post patch version.


Have you had any issues with Battlefield 1 on PC? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Too many ADs on this site! Terrible mobile experience, post patch picture is like 5 meters awat from pre patch picture

  2. wow glad i never bought this sniper fest of a downgraded game..lmao

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