Square Enix Aware Of Early Final Fantasy XV Copies, Planning To Take Action By Blocking Access To The Game

Square Enix are now aware of these early copies of Final Fantasy XV that have leaked in Peru, and are planning to put a stop to people playing it early. On the Square Enix forums, a moderator has made it clear that Square Enix are aware of this issue, and are looking into what could be done about it.


The interesting part about this post was the moderator made it sound like Square Enix is looking to block players from using their early copy which is something that has never been done on the PS4. The moderator however said that “blocking someone who has the disk from playing it cannot be done so easily” so that means it can be done, but it’s not going to be something that will happen soon.

Many Final Fantasy fans are actually not happy about Square Enix’s plans to try and block people from playing their disk version of the game. They feel as it was obtained legally, and it’s a legitimate copy of the game, that they shouldn’t be blocked from playing it.

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  1. Square needs to go after the retailer who broke the street date, and not block the customer who bought a legit copy. Punishing your fans base is really dumb.

    • if the fan would not be dumb, he would leave the game on the shelf….all know that theofficial release date is 29 november, so no excuses

  2. It’s retailer’s job to abide by street dates not the customers. If someone goes to a store and finds his favorite game on the shelf and buy it legally then he did nothing wrong, you can’t ask customers to check and enforce street dates! and you certainly shouldn’t be allowed to block someone from playing the game if he purchased it legally. And this is coming from someone who REALLY doesn’t want to be spoiled by someone having early copy

  3. So nothing confirms any actual plans other than a forum moderator’s view on the difficulty of blocking access to a game disc. Feels like a somewhat misleading headline.

  4. They didn’t get the game legally if they bought it in a store because its illegal to sell it on shelves before November 29.

    Altho, its not the consumers fault, its the store.

  5. This was ridiculously taken out of context. That message was a reply to a user asking:

    > is there any chance the dev team could block the full game from access until the 29th? Via patch or something?

    Here’s a link: https://forum.finalfantasyxv.com/discussion/comment/54736/#Comment_54736

    Dear This Gen Gaming: please actually check your sources before posting them.

  6. That’s a clickbait title

  7. well people knew the official release date so they cannot call themself out of the matter. They are as guilty as the stores.. So they should be punished together with the sellers.

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