Assassin’s Creed II Seems To Be Only Downgraded On Xbox One, PS4 Version Much Different

The controversy over the recently released “remaster” of Assassin’s Creed II (via the Ezio Collection) continues, as it has emerged today that the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed II has a completely different NPC model. The PS4 model while not great, looks much better than the Xbox One model.

Here is a look at the comparison image.



As you can see by the clothing and position of where the character model is, it’s supposed to be this character but for some reason the Xbox One version of the NPC looks like something you would see in early last generation game, and not what you should see in an Xbox One game.

Hopefully the Xbox One version of the game gets some kind of patch to bring it up to the PS4 version of the game, because at the moment it’s not looking good at all.

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  1. wow this is getting bad.first dishonored 2 difference on the ps4 and xbox one and now this.speak with your wallets people dont buy it on xbox one.

    • smart people should never buy games on xbox to begin with…

      • smart people would never buy a play station and should see through the lie of sony and cerny but you know that wont happen.

        • Do you actually believe what you write or is it just tourettes?

          • lets see 8.4 tflops on the ps4 pro COMPLETE LIE.hdr requires a hdmi port of 2.0 while theps4 hasa 1.4 COMPLETE LIE.need i say more?

            you arnt that smart then.

          • Dude…really?

            It’s a games console, chill the fuck out fan boy.

          • you dont like it when the truth is out.

          • How put your head in your own ass?

          • you need to pull your head out of yours but that wont happen because ponies are to stupid..lmao

          • And you’re still going! Damn, you don’t ever stop. How lame are you? Talk about a insecure, obsessed little fanboy, eh? All this over a games console too. This kid (he’s actually probably a grown man, which is even sadder) has nothing better to do with his life then troll, he is one of the saddest case of fanboyism.

          • Nothing you’ve ever written has made you appear smart, just desperate with too much time on your hands!!

          • cray me a river the ps4 pro is crap. psvr is crap sony is crap…lmao

          • Hvd is crap and everything he’s ever said is crap and is a lifeless loser who is obsessed with bashing Sony. He is the epitome of hater. Probably the most pathetic fanboy ever.

          • And you’re clearly just doing all this hating as a public service to ‘help’ people huh? PFFT!
            People like you are butthurt for a reason, because something’s eating away at your insides and you have to get it out! I could get into an quarrel with you but…well I have a life!
            I hope you find peace one day!

          • look at all the sony cry babies….lmao.

          • I game on PS4/Xone & PC so your spiel is wasted on me kid!!

          • i know but if i can put them in their place and piss them good.

          • LOL, you aren’t putting anyone in their place, ever single person in here can see thru you. I still don’t get people like you, must be starving for games (or money to buy them). Get a job so you don’t have enough time to waste, also means you might afford more than one console…

          • He’s just admitted to being a troll, coming online with the purpose of trying to piss people off to make himself feel better! Pure troll!!

          • Pure desperado! I hope you find it one day kid!

          • Your mum is crap, Scumbox DONE is crap, Galo is crap, Gears of Bore is crap, Flopza is crap. Xbox DONE’S sales figures are crap because it’s a worthless, downgraded peasant machine for peasant lifeless morons and always will be. LMAO.

          • @disqus_6Putk03FJ1:disqus
            And yet both are true (the PS4 does have HDR and 8.4TF using half floats is very real). Proving your pathetic little loser a$$ wrong again. Talk about delusional.

          • bye bye idiot.

          • LOL, not that again!

            That’s been explained to you a 100 times but it’s not getting thru to you stubborn head!

          • I have a ps4 pro, and it supports hdr and upscaled 4k resolutions and the games that have been patched to support it, look pretty damn good.

          • the ps4 pro does derp but not the ps4 and ps4 slim.different hdmi ports then the pro.

        • The consumers are seeing through the pathetic lies, overhype and underdeliver of the Xbox DONE scum console for lifeless paupers and that’s exactly why they aren’t buying it.

          Poverty Box continues to get outsold 2-1 worldwide because all it’s games are weak downgraded trash that aren’t worth playing. No self respecting human being would pay money for downgraded, peasant garbage games like Halo, Gears and Forza and sales prove that.

          • xboxone has no exclusives at all and the console is weaker than ps4.

        • Either your really wrong or people are wrong because sony has won every generation they’ve ever been in…and by the way sony always has the highest rated quantity of exclusives every generation so maybe theres a correlation there….

    • Oh look who it is, its “obsessed”, get a life kid. And get off Sony’s nuts. You are obsessed kid, obsessed. Loser!
      Oh look who it is, its “obsessed”, get a life kid. And get off Sony’s nuts. You are obsessed kid, obsessed. Loser!

  2. I’m a PS4 fan but I think it’s just a different NPC and they get generated/placed randomly – try to re-run this test/scene a few times…

    • this is likely the case… because that’s a completely different head with no hat

    • That’s exactly what it is. People love to make a big deal about the dumbest shit.

  3. The changed climbing is also an issue. Wonder if there’s a difference between two versions as well.

  4. xbox marks are mad cuz most the games run at 792p and this was the best Assassin’s Creed II could look on the $#itty 1

    • Honestly Assassin’s Creed II looks better than the average Xbox DONE game. Trash like Halo, Gears and Forza look even worse than this downgraded mess.

  5. Yikes.

  6. LOL that is a totally different npc, and he looks retarded, too funny, i’m pretty sure the devs wanted to put him in as a joke. both versions seem to look great, this is very nit picky it’s getting sad, go pc or scorpio if you want to see a difference

  7. Wow! Such fanboyism! I love Sony’s PS consoles -I have owned 1, 2 and 3-, but I just see the comments from fanboys from one console and the other and I feel deeply sad and sorry for you. PS: I don’t like Xbox but I don’t hate it. It’s just that it does not have the games I like.

    This is not Microsoft’s fault, it’s Ubisoft and their “I don’t give sh*t about my customers” policy they’ve been having over the last few years. They’re becoming what I call “Konamized”…

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