The Uncharted 4 Single Player DLC Will Not Feature Sam

Uncharted 4’s single player DLC is by far one of the highest anticipated single player DLC’s that is incoming on the PS4. Not much, well actually, nothing is really known about this DLC other than there is a single player DLC coming. Earlier today however, rumors about the DLC started to pop up, and according to¬†¬†it will star Nathan Drake’s brother, Sam Drake. The rumor also stated that it will be revealed at PSX and will also be a standalone DLC.

The news was doubtful, as the source was not a credible source. Confirmed insider, shinobi602 has now confirmed that the DLC news was fake, and he confirmed that the DLC was not fake. He however did not say whether the reveal at PSX or it being a standalone DLC is true.


Now that it’s been confirmed that Sam is out of the DLC lead role, who would you like to see take it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Elena with Sully.

  2. What a bizarre article. Where is the confirmation that Sam will not be in the Single Player DLC? Its like you left that bit out completely yet it is the title of the article.

    “The Uncharted 4 Single Player DLC May Not Feature Sam”, there fixed it for you.

    • The image is a NeoGaf post by confirmed insider shinobi602, who states “it’s not Sam” when discussing the fake rumor about Sam being the main character of the DLC.

      So it will not feature Sam as the lead character.

  3. I want more Nadine, or Elena. Hell, I would like to see Chloe again, even if it’s not very likely considering her non-factor in Uncharted 4.

  4. you mean the brother that he never had before uncharted 4?….lmao

  5. I’d prefer it to be Nathan drake and infact hint at a possible future for the series in several years time after a break. (I note Nolan north has said he would play the role again ofc so no concerns there) failing Nathan…. Gotta be Cutter (hell I want spin off games starring him, he was brilliant).

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