Xbox Sends Dead Rising 4 Email That Could Be Seen As A Racial Slur, Major Nelson Apologies For It On Twitter

A Dead Rising 4 promotional email was sent out to email subscribers today, but the email spelling came across as sounding like a racial slur rather than the zombie sound they were going for. Here’s a look at the email message image.


Larry Hryb has now apologized to anyone who was offended by the email, which was obviously just a bad use of words rather than anything intentional.


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  1. NIGGGAHHHHHH XD Just imagine Larry doing that’s absolutely hilarious

  2. No big deal!

  3. It’s no big deal, but at the same time he knew exactly what he was doing. GTFOH with that lame excuse.

    A zombie sound. NnnnggggHhhhhaaaa please!

  4. So “NNNNGGGHHHAAAA” is the new “N word”? This should catch on like wildfire. It’s funny, because this just reinforces the stereotype that blacks are uneducated ; you have to be desperate or stupid to think “NNNNGGGHHHAAAA” would be pronounced as “n*ggah”.

    • It’s not that hard. It is just missing one vowel. And it’s pretty easy when you grow up in a racist environment.

      They could have easily put, “Grrrrr” or “Naaargh”. But they admitted their mistake, apologized, explained it, and moved on. Good job.

  5. This is stupid.. These little Libiots & the adults that condone it need to stop this PC crap.. Having a fit about everything will have you just one step away from converting to Islam you fking fools…

    • They have been doing this forever, forming their new society. There are no gray areas in their beliefs. Tobacco is 100% bad, but marijuana is 100% good, vegetables are 100% good but meat is 100% bad. Hell, they still propagate the myth that Salt, or as they call it “sodium” (which is actually an explosive metal) is 100% bad, yet not one legitimate study has actually proven this to be true.
      Their main weapon is fear. The fear is used for control. The N word is used to eliminate undesirables in the public stage. A word no white politician or celebrity can ever return from. They are banished for life, and any positive message or ideals they held are quickly forgotten as they are ONLY a racist. Misogyny is the other version of this they are trying to push. Especially in the last election, where the Clinton campaign focused all their efforts and political advertising on something Trump said off camera over a decade ago.
      Fear is everything to them. I learned this at a young age, during the Reagan presidency. We young children were told DAILY that Ronnie was crazy and wanted to start World War 3. We always heard that he had his finger on the big red button, and was gonna nuke Russia and we were all going to die. We were told this by teachers, by politicians, by tv shows and movies, by ABC, NBC and CBS news every night! I stopped being scared when I saw him address the nation after Challenger blew up. He was clearly shaken and holding his emotions back to appear strong during the tragedy. If he was evil, he wouldn’t be moved in that way. Also, if he was evil, he would have used the disaster to promote his master plan.
      Oh boy, I really go off on tangents.

      • No worries, your long rant is correct and appreciated. I grew up in the 80’s and was in 5th grade during the Challenger disaster and remember watching it live in the classroom… It was a sad day, but unlike these snowflakes we didn’t receive counseling I guess because the U.S still had a majority of families that went to church and other places of worship who understood life in many ways unlike some the young adults today. I do recall a puppet show depicting Reagan as senile and crazy.. but once I became an adult I was able to listen to his words without the bias of the media & Hollyweird.. I love all of his speeches.. There was something about his tone and voice that went deep and are very inspirational.

  6. It’s always funny to see the oppressor try telling the oppressed what is and isn’t offensive. #dumbasses

    • where are the oppressors? This is not the middle east nor north korea you know.

      • From a non black perspective? You are not capable of seeing the obvious.

        America is built on oppression, It is not a person it is a system.

        Trump: “Blacks are poorly educated”. Yeah they are supposed to be.

        We have our names, language, nationality and religion taken away from us now is the age of awakening.

        We deal with devils everyday..

        Black was used to identify slaves and we never asked for the name. Most of us don’t realize that. White means without sin and clean before god, black meaning the opposite.

        When the oppressor owns the media and distributes most of the history taught, he/she doesn’t seem oppressive at all.

        History is important and we think we only came from slaves.

        In my mind white people have been the real black people.

        • Only those who choose to be oppressed are able to be oppressed.
          Color, race, religion, and sex have nothing to do with it.
          I paraphrased it, but do you know who said those words?
          How many times does one group have to apologize to another group for things they were never directly (or even indirectly) involved in? Forever? All because of the color of their skin indicates they are automatically guilty of things that occured by one color to the opposite color at one point in space and time.
          We are all human but we choose to divide ourselves into groups and hate or fear anyone slightly different than us. That’s racism and everybody has it. You would save your kids from a burning building before the neighbors kids. Why? Because they are yours. But you would save the neighbors kids over the grumpy old lady down the hall.
          Isn’t that racist?
          You would prefer to give help to your family, over your friends over a coworker, over that guy down the street and so on. Isn’t that racist?
          As a country we all think take care of America first over other nations, just as they think to take care of their country over all others. Isn’t that racist?
          Or is that simply instinct of survival?
          If you choose to feel oppressed you will be. If you choose to hate and fear because of differences you will feel hated and feared by those who are different from you.
          We never learn from history and we are bound to repeat it forever.

      • The oppression comes from a general lack of common sense. The inability to perceive a commonality.

        Nintendo were once “the oppressors” though licensing and limiting of subject matter for games. That opened opportunity for Sony to replace them and become “the oppressors” with what they were doing behind the scenes to dev by making the PS2 and PS3 hard to program for. *THAT* gave rise to the Xbox brand, which MS immediately shot in the foot turning it into “the oppressors” with all that the launch of the XB1 entailed.

        Hey, this is a gaming site. Just trying to offer a contextual analogy.

        By all rights the N-word, would actually say it but then either this site would censer the word if not delete this entire post, shouldn’t mean anything. It should be an embarrassment to the person who said it rather than who they direct it towards. Back when it common the word itself meant inhuman treatment, physical torture if not death, accompanied it. And that’s something the US only generally got over in the 70s of the 20th century when the word was first created somewhere during the 14th century.

        It shouldn’t mean anything, but because it can’t be said, is considered to only mean one thing by those who don’t know better, it does.

    • You are a fucking retard. I normally don’t say that. I usually have a calm and composed rebuttal utilizing facts and reason, but I’m making an exception for you.

      • Thanks Bruce Livingston. I feel very special knowing that you went out of your way just for me.

        I suppose the shoe fits you quite well.

    • I read your moniker “jacksjus” as Jacks Jews.. Do you enslave Jews? Are you a Nazi, who makes Jews work for you? Or is it simply that you steal only from Jews , thus Jacks Jews??? See how this can turn against you? If I type “n g a h” am I saying an offensive word? Or is it the initials of an organization? National General Accident and Health… An insurance company, or Zimbabwe’s online shopping site10ngah? Perhaps it refers to the last or middle name of many people on Facebook and twitter? Or perhaps a nobel peace prize winning doctor?
      Nnnngggggaaaahhh is offensive though right? Could it be the author was thinking that a zombie wanted health insurance? Perhaps the Zombie wanted the brains of a nobel prize winning doctor, or maybe doctor Ngah created the zombie virus or even a cure to it? Maybe he wanted to shop Zimbabwe?
      Jumping to conclusions is how hashtagdumbasses like you get started. Just like how you throw out the term hashtag and yet do not know that a real hashtag is the mark that is put on heroine to identify it’s origin in order to identify bad and deadly batches. “but it sounds so cool!!!” Yes, I cringe every time I hear the word used, and find it offensive, but I don’t ask that it be banned or that someone means heroine because of their ignorance to it’s actual use or origin. Pound or pound sign was too hard to say and not cool.
      Sometimes, you have to get over yourself and your own easily offended prejudice and remember hat sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

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