The Lost Morsel – Overcooked DLC Review (Xbox One)

Overcooked, a fast and frenzied co-operative cooking game, released earlier this year to critical acclaim. In my review I gave it a 9/10 and called it one of my favorite co-operative games, period. Nearly 4 months after release, developer Ghost Town Games and publisher Team 17 are releasing some bargain priced DLC called, The Lost Morsel. Available now for just £3.99/$4.99/4,49€, you get a handful of new characters and levels and unfortunately not much more. There can be too much of a good thing, so is it really worth stepping back into the kitchen for The Lost Morsel?


To be specific, The Lost Morsel DLC will grant you 6 new chefs to play as (a robot, panda, bear, pig, dinosaur and french bulldog) along with 6 new levels set in a jungle theme. The only story to the Lost Morsel is that the time machine sent you back further than expected and that the kitchens in this new terrain are tricky. The flat story leaves a lot to be desired, they could have gone in so many more exciting directions. The new characters are a nice addition but all the characters only differ cosmetically.


They weren’t kidding when they said these new kitchens were tricky. During my time spent in each of the six levels I encountered deadly fireballs, moving kitchen stations, buttons that moved your supplies and plenty of areas accessible to just one chef. It is easy to see that these levels are geared towards the more advanced Overcooked players. That being said I was able to get at least 1-star on each level, there was no ending cutscene or even a congratulations. I am very disappointed that there are no new achievements or trophies added to The Lost Morsel. We all have our own opinion on paid DLC in games, but for me having more achievements definitely softens the blow of shelling out more cash for a game I already purchased.


Players who have yet to experience Overcooked can purchase the Gourmet Edition bundle (game plus the DLC), both digitally and physically on Xbox One and Playstation 4.


Final Thoughts:

The Lost Morsel DLC is a bit of a hard sell to the casual Overcooked player. If you have already completed the campaign or still fire up Overcooked with your buddies, then you will definitely get your money’s worth out of the half-dozen new characters and levels. If you are like me and still haven’t 3-starred all the levels in the main story, then I really don’t see a need to buy The Lost Morsel…especially since it lacks achievements/trophies. Thankfully with such a low price, even if you only play Overcooked casually it will be hard to get buyer’s remorse over The Lost Morsel.

The Lost Morsel DLC





  • 6 Challenging levels
  • 6 New characters
  • Low purchase price


  • No achievements or trophies
  • Thin story

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