Microsoft Black Friday Deals Are Live, Here Are The Best Deals Being Offered

Microsoft Store’s Black Friday deals have gone live, and we wanted to share what are the best deals being offered. Get your wallets ready, because there’s some amazing deals incoming.

Gears Of War 4 – $29.99 

ReCore – $14.99

Battlefield 1 – $27.00

Star Wars Battlefront – $9.99

DOOM – $14.99

Mafia 3 – $29.99 

Sports titles for $27.00 each, includes NBA 2K17, Madden 17, and FIFA 17.

You can find the complete selection of Black Friday deal games here. 

Make sure to check back for more Black Friday deal notification posts.

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  1. None of the sports games are $27.00 on the XBox Store. Neither is BF1. All those games are $41.99.

  2. Wow, when the ads totally destroy an resemblance of an article it is getting bad. Do you really need to throw so many huge ads right in the middle of the listing of games??!!!

  3. Freaking ads everywhere. Ridiculous. Way over the top.

    • What’ really ridiculous is people in 2016 still complaining about website ads. I’ve been using Mozilla + Adblock Plus for about 10 years now (and other similar combinations for several years prior to the release of Adblock), and rarely have to look at a single ad…even on Youtube. I can even right-click and choose “block image” for any banner and image-based ads that may manage to get through the initial filters. If you don’t want the ads…and nobody does….do something about it and stop your bltching.

      • No where did I or anyone say that they shouldn’t have ads. Nice way to put words in my mouth. I don’t use adblock because I believe it’s only fair if I visit the website that they can earn something from it. I don’t expect things for free. Beings you have adblock on than you don’t see why we are complaining about the ads and why they’re so terrible.

        • So you say you “believe it’s only fair” that they have ads to make $$, but you still feel the need to bltch and moan about it? Wow, what a moron; STFU and GTFO the internet dumbass.

          • Lmao. You’re only gonna hear what you wanna hear. The internet is full of sheep like you. You take what people say out of context and try to argue with them. Or you can’t read all that well. Think what you want as I couldn’t care less what some sheep in the internet think.

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